Expenses per Semester 2014-2015



Full-time students (12–17 credits)



Full-time graduate students



Full-time students enrolled in the Physician Assistant program



Full-time students enrolled in the Doctor of Physical Therapy program



Part-time students per credit



Full-time students who wish to take more than 17 credits will be charged for additional credits at $535/credit.



Clinical laboratory science majors will be charged $250 per semester in lieu of tuition during the semesters spent in hospital practica. Those students are also assessed the general fee.

Expressway Tuition


Expressway students per credit (see description of Expressway Program)

General Fee

(full-time students)


The general fee and its related services help to promote and enhance the educational, recreational, social, and cultural life of the student body. The fee helps to supplement the cost of class dues, student publications, student services, and student government, as well as the costs associated with operating facilities available for student use such as the Anderson Sports-Health Center, the Bevevino Library, and the Banks Student Center.

Campus Housing


Alumnae Hall, McHale Hall



McGowan Hall



Gildea Hall, 120 Lake Street House



Machell Avenue House



111 Lake Street House






179 Lake Street House



MacDowell Hall

Single Room


Additional charge based on seniority at the time of housing lottery



Should vacancies occur in a student room, the remaining student is required to accept another roommate or be reassigned to another room. Students in suites or townhouses must maintain the stated minimum occupancy or be removed from the area. If availability permits, the director or assistant director of residence life may provide an option to maintain the room, suite, or townhouse below the minimum stated occupancy.

Board Plans


The rates noted below include $100 in Cougar Points. Cougar Points are also available with each meal plan in additional $50 increments up to $250 which would increase the plan rate accordingly.

First-year residents may not choose the 125 or 75 meal plans. The 75 meal plan is only available to students living in Lake Street, Machell Avenue, MacDowell Hall, and Townhouse residences.

265 meals



220 meals



190 meals



150 meals



125 meals



75 meals



Special Fees, Deposits, and Expenses 2014–2015

Alternative Learners Project


First year freshmen, first semester



Second semester freshmen and all upperclassmen (per semester)

Graduation Fee


A graduation fee is charged to students who have completed degree requirements.



The fee helps to supplement costs of commencement including preparation of the facility, graduation announcements, cap and gown, diploma, pre-commencement luncheon and the post-commencement reception.

Liability Insurance


For students enrolled in majors that require clinical or field experience

Orientation Fee


First year


Transfer student

Parking Fines


Per infraction for vehicles registered with the Misericordia University’s Campus Safety Department parked in an unauthorized area based on line color designations, parked in specially posted areas (reserved, visitors, fire lane, no parking), parking on sidewalks or grass, obstructing traffic or driveways.



Per infraction for a student or employee unregistered vehicle parked anywhere on campus property. It is not the intent of the University to penalize visitors who are not aware of the parking regulations.



Per infraction for any vehicle parked illegally in a handicapped area.



Per infraction for failure to remove a vehicle as instructed during times of snow removal.

Parking Permit


Annual fee

Returned Check Fee


A fee will be assessed for each check not accepted and returned by the bank. Two returned checks will cause check-writing privileges to be permanently revoked.

Room Reservation


Room reservation deposit is for upperclassmen only; room deposit is payable by April 15 and is applied to room charges.

Student ID


Replacement of lost, stolen or unusable ID

Student Teaching Fee


For Education major in teaching placements

Summer Housing


Per week for students who take five or fewer credits who are fulltime students during the academic year, are registered for a minimum of 12 credits for the Fall 2015 semester, and who lived in housing in the Spring 2015 semester. Summer housing is available at no cost to students who are registered for six or more credits in a non-weekend program, have signed a campus housing agreement for the 2015–2016 academic year. Students who participate in a clinical placement that is six credits or more, or 40 hours per week, are eligible for free summer housing during that clinical rotation as long as they have already registered for a minimum of 12 credits in the fall and have signed a Campus Housing Agreement for the next academic year, OR they have completed their 4th year and have lived in University housing in the spring semester. There is NO MEAL PLAN available during the summer. Students may purchase meals in the Cougars Den or pay at the cafeteria when they are opened. (The Cougars Den summer hours are 8:00 am – 2:00 pm and 4:00 pm – 6:00 pm.)

Transcript Fee


Per transcript

Transcript Fee (Mercy School of Nursing, Wilkes-Barre; Mercy School of Nursing-Scranton; St. Mary's School of Nursing)


Per transcript

Weekend College


Room rental per semester

Computer Lab Printing Fee (per semester)


Students are allowed to print up to 300 pages per semester in University computer labs without incurring additional charges. For each page above 300, an additional per page charge will be assessed on a semester basis.

Additional Class Specific Fees

Applied Music


Students enrolled in all sections of Fine Arts 117 and 118

Laboratory Fee


Students enrolled in any biology, chemistry or physics class that also includes a lab

The total fee is limited to $50 per semester.

Medical Imaging Fee (Annual)

First Year (nuclear medicine)


The medical imaging fee covers the cost of annual radiation badges as well as ID marker, name tags, program handbook, clinical log book, and the CHS administrative fee. HIPAA training/certification fees are included in the second year and professional liability insurance, Pennsylvania and National Professional memberships in PSRT and ASRT are included in the second, third and fourth years.The Expressway clinical course fee covers the cost of professional liability insurance and clinical materials.


Second Year


Second Year (nuclear medicine)


Third Year


Fourth Year (Dec grads)


Fourth Year (May grads)


Expressway (clinical course)


Nursing Fee (Annual)



The nursing fee covers the cost of annual testing in the first, third and fourth years as well as HIPAA training/certification in the first or second year. A Certiphi clinical record managment fee is included in each year, except for year one of the BSN weekday program. The third and fourth year fees cover professional liability insurance, lab technology and lab equipment fees. Third year fees also include charges for clinical badges and clinical kits. All levels are charged for membership in the Student Nurse Association of Pennsylvania (SNAP) and the CHS admiinistrative fee.

First Year (evening)


Second Year


Second Year (evening)


Third Year


Fourth Year


Expressway (clinical course)


Graduate Year 1


The Graduate Nursing Fee covers the Certiphi clinical record management fee, typhon clinical data management fee, professional liability insurance as well as the HESI FNP examination preparatory test, research poster printing and graduation fee.

The Doctorate of Nursing Practice fee covers the Certiphi clinical record management fee, typhon clinical data management fee, professional liability insurance as well as the HESI FNP examination preparatory test, research poster printing and graduation fee.

Graduate Year 2


Graduate Year 3


DNP Year 1


DNP Year 2





Occupational Therapy (OT) Fee (Annual)

First Year


The OT Fee includes the CHS administrative fee and the cost of annual American Occupational Therapy Association (AOTA) membership as well as lab fees, clinical name badge, professional liability insurance and HIPAA training/certification in the second or third years. A health clearance fee is included in the years two and four, or three and four. An on-line examination preparation course for certification preparation is charged in the graduate year.


First Year (weekend)


Second Year


Second Year (weekend)


Third Year


Third Year (weekend)


Fourth Year


Fifth Year


Physical Therapy (PT) Fee

First Year (spring)


The PT fee covers the cost of annual American Physical Therapy Association (APTA) membership as well as lab fees, professional liability insurance, a lab kit, manual, a CHS administrative fee and clinical name badge. A Certiphi clinical record management fee is also included.


First Year (fall)


Second Year (spring)


Second Year (summer)


Second Year (fall)


Third Year (spring)


Third Year (fall)


Physician Assistant Fee (per semester)

Fourth Year


The Physician Assistant fee covers the cost of the electronic logging system used to document patient encounters and clinical competencies, required examinations, membership in the American Academy of Physician Assistants (AAPA) and attendance at the APAA national meeting in the fifth year. During the fourth year, students must also purchase diagnostic equipment to be utilized during laboratory courses and clinical rotations.

Fourth Year (one-time equipment charge)


Fifth Year


Sonography Fee (Annual)

First Year


The Sonography fee covers the costs of HIPAA training/certification, lab fees, clinical materials, liability insurance and electronic medical record use.

Second Year


Speech-language Pathology (SLP) Fee (Annual)

First Year


The SLP fee covers the cost of annual American Speech-Language-Hearing Association (ASHA) and Pennsylvania Speech-Language-Hearing Association (PSHA) memberships as well as clinical name badges, ASHA KASA fee, the CHS administrative fee and professional liability insurance.

Second Year


Third Year


Fourth Year


Fifth Year