Health Science Major

College of Health Sciences

Degree BS, Health Science

Occupational therapy and speech-language pathology offer five-year, entry-level masters’ programs. Students completing these curricula will receive the bachelor of science degree in health science at the conclusion of the fourth year of study, as published in the program plans of the speech-language pathology and occupational therapy programs, if the student has met all undergraduate major, core, and free elective requirements, as described in those plans of study.

Students completing the BS in Health Science will:

1. Students will integrate and demonstrate knowledge of diverse research designs from both the qualitative and quantitative paradigms, and will conceptually synthesize and demonstrate all steps of the research process.

2. Demonstrate critical reasoning skills in the patient care process by conducting a client assessment, identifying functional problems, and developing an appropriate intervention plan.

3. Interact and communicate professionally and courteously with clients while demonstrating the necessary clinical competencies required within their respective health care discipline.

Statement of Program Assessment for BS in Health Science:

Program courses are evaluated each semester via both University facutly evaluations and individual department course evaluations in both the Speech Language Pathology and Occupational Therapy departments.

Both the Speech Language Pathology and Occupational Theraphy curricula are evaluated by assessment measures which include fieldwork and clinical pass rates, Board pass rates, alumni job placement rates, alumni surveys, and employer satisfaction surveys.

Individual student performance is monitored via assessment each semester of student attainment of the required GPA in the major in both the Occupational Therapy and Speech Language Pathology departments.

Plans of study for students in the BS in Health Science phase of the occupational therapy and speech language pathology programs may be found in the sections of the catalog for those programs.