TED 495 Practicum III, 0 credit

This Stage Three field experience is designed to help candidates understand how they should plan, teach, and assess in learning support programs. Students must complete a minimum of fifty (50) hours in a setting where appropriate special education services are delivered observing veteran classroom teachers and must complete a series of projects. This field is taken concurrently with either SPE 363 for ECE/SPE majors or SPE 411 for Middle Level and Secondary Education majors and will be integrated in the courses. This is a supervised practicum.

Prerequisites: TED 231,TED 271, SPE 111, SPE 211 Co-requisite: SPE 363 for ECE/SPE majors, SPE 411 for Middle Level and Secondary Education majors.

Note: Students must possess current clearances required by Act 34, Act 151 and Act 114.