Honorus Volume XVIII

Honorus Volume XVIII (2002-2003) contains papers on diverse topics by five Honors students. Two papers by student athletes focus on the link between psychology and sports. Physical therapy major Bridget Reardon explores "The Impact of Mental Preparation on Athletic Performance," and Rebecca Roman helps us to understand why athletes may be particularly susceptible to eating disorders in her paper "Anorexia Nervosa in Female Athletes." The tragedy of 9/11/2001 led to Psychology major Kristen Carew's interest in how people respond to traumatic events. Her paper compares people's responses to 9/11 and Pearl Harbor. A different historical perspective is offered in the paper of History major Alison Piatt, who discusses the "rags to riches" theme in 1930's musicals in her paper entitled "Musicals and the Myth: How Warner Brothers Musicals (1933-1937) Perpetuated the 1930's Version of the Horatio Alger Myth." Finally, Dawn Fiedorczyk, a Biology major, explains the second most prevalent cause of death in felines in her paper entitled "Renal Failure in Cats."

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