It is the policy of Misericordia University to grant employees leaves of absence under certain circumstances. Types of leaves of absence are categorized below.

A. Medical: The University is in compliance with the provisions of the Family and Medical Leave Act ("FMLA"). Appendix III outlines the FMLA's requirements, including the rights and obligations of employees, notification requirements, and the University's obligations.

B. Unpaid Personal Leave: An employee may request an unpaid leave of absence, not to exceed one (1) year, due to urgent personal reasons. Prior approval must be obtained from the appropriate Dean/Vice President. Duration is at the University's discretion. Although not assured, whenever possible, employees completing a leave may be reinstated to their former position if the position has not been eliminated or filled. Qualified benefits during an unpaid personal leave can be continued at the employee's expense.

C. Death in Family: Regular full time employees are granted up to three (3) working days with pay after the loss of an immediate family member. Immediate family is defined as a spouse, parent, child, sibling, grandparent, grandchild or in-laws and step relatives of the same relationship.

D. Jury Duty: All employees are eligible to receive time off with pay for jury duty. Compensation will be the difference between the regular salary and the amount received for jury service. Employees must notify their supervisors and must provide the Controller's office with a receipt of their Jury Duty earnings.

Employees required in court as witnesses are given such time off without pay. Time off for court appearances for traffic violations or participation in law suits may be charged to vacation, or taken as leave without pay.

E. Military Service: Any full time employee who is required to take time off for annual encampment or training duty in the National Guard or military reserves will be granted the necessary time off not to exceed 10 working days annually. The University will pay the salary differential between military pay and normal straight-time earnings. Employees have the option of applying vacation time to this leave. Employees must provide the Controller's office with a receipt of their military pay.

In the event that an employee is called into active military service, regular wages will cease on the date of reporting for active service. In addition, the employee will be placed on a leave of absence. Qualified benefits, under the flexible benefit program can be continued at the employee's expense. On discharge from active duty, the employee will be entitled to re-employment under the then applicable law.

F. Partial Day's Absence: In the event that a full time employee is compelled to leave work due to an emergency situation or other serious reason, the employee will be paid for the entire day and will not be assessed the time against vacation or personal time. This is premised on the fact that the individual reported to work and remained at work for a period of three (3) hours. If the employee leaves before three (3) hours have elapsed, ½ day will be assessed to vacation or personal time. If an employee leaves due to sickness or illness before three (3) hours have elapsed, ½ day will be assessed to sick time.

G. Religious Services: An employee may request up to two (2) hours off without pay in order to attend religious services.

If the supervisor can make such accommodation without undue hardship to the office, he/she may grant the time off.

Revised 04-10-00
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