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Major Titles:


Mathematics/Computer Science Combined Major

Mathematics -- Secondary Education Certification

Overall Objectives of the Program as it relates to the College mission.


To provide a cooperative and quality academic environment in which students can graduate with an undergraduate liberal arts based degree in Mathematics and in which faculty are enabled to develop professionally.

Objectives for the students:

  1. To develop students' capabilities for thinking critically, for reasoning analytically, and for creative problem solving.
  2. To train the students to be competent mathematically.
  3. To teach the students to respect and to understand the culture, philosophy, and history of Mathematics.
  4. To empower students to think and act mathematically beyond the confines of the classroom and College to enable them to pursue a life-time of learning.
  5. To adequately prepare our graduates for careers in business, industry or government, and in teaching as well as future study in graduate or professional schools.
  6. To enable future teachers to teach according to National recommendations for the teaching of Mathematics.

Additional objectives of the faculty:

  1. To incorporate a variety of instructional practices, e.g. group learning, laboratory experiences, lecture and discussion, discovery learning, etc. into all courses.
  2. To insure adequate incorporation of technology into all mathematics and computer science courses.
  3. To gear all programs to the students who are the norm for Misericordia while maintaining high academic standards.
  4. To offer students suitable professional, scholarly, research and internship opportunities.
  5. To assure that all faculty are engaged in scholarly and professional activity.
  6. To assure that faculty are current on issues of curriculum, teaching and learning and that such scholarship is reflected in their courses.
  7. To accrue library holdings which are sufficient for the mathematical enrichment of students and for the scholarly needs of faculty. Unavailable on-site materials should be available through inter-library loans.