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Strategic Plan

MU Strategic Plan-Acclamation 2015 - Click here to download the complete powerpoint presentation

Misericordia University's new strategic plan is a roadmap designed to transform the University. Acclamation 2015 is the next step in a process that has generated significant success for the institution and its graduates. As a result of the accomplishments of the last two strategic plans, Misericordia has moved from period of subsistence to sustainability. We now intend to take a bold step and evolve from a position of sustainability to one of acclamation. Over the next five years Misericordia will undertake new initiatives and audacious thinking to brand itself as regionally acclaimed and nationally recognized for our distinctive approach to teaching and learning. The prominent initiatives in this plan will not be easily achieved. However, with optimal use of current and future resources, attainment of an aggressive enrollment target of 1812, excellent communication and management, and adherence to our brand, the vision of Misericordia University delineated herein is well within reach if the entire Misericordia community thinks progressively and acts aggressively in striving to reach the goals. 

Based firmly upon its Catholic identity and Mercy traditions, Misericordia University is a premier small, liberal arts based Catholic university in the northeast. Misericordia's ability to effectively combine outstanding academics, superb career preparation and passion for serving others has elevated the University to a position where it is regionally acclaimed and nationally recognized for graduating students who have, indeed, learned to succeed. 

MU's Vision of Acclamation is comprised of several goals: