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Medical Science (Pre-Physician Assistant)

Balancing strong preparation in the life sciences with an intensive year of pre-clinical education, Misericordia University’s Bachelor of Science in Medical Science (BSMS) provides students with nationally-normed science prerequisites for pursuing physician assistant education.  The program engages students in a sequence of specialized, medically-based courses that provides strong preparation for work in a physician assistant studies program at the graduate level.  Freshman students are accepted to the BSMS program each fall in cohorts of 20.  To receive the BSMS, students complete a curriculum of 125-131 semester hours.

Faculty teaching in the program include the eminent surgeon and research scientist Stanley J. Dudrick, MD, veteran physician assistants, and gifted researchers and teachers from the university’s Biology and Chemistry/Biochemistry departments.

The mission of the Misericordia University pre-professional Bachelor of Science in Medical Science program is to prepare exceptional students for success in graduate degree work in Physician Assistant studies.  Graduates will achieve their maximum potential as able, caring, compassionate, competent, idealistic pre-professionals.  The program’s educational environment will promote an ethos of service, responsibility, morals and ethics, a quest for excellence, and an avid desire for self-directed lifelong learning in a spiritually enriched environment, while preparing students to apply evidence-based knowledge. 

Program graduates will exhibit honesty, communication skills, talents, dedication, self-discipline, initiative, resourcefulness, and judgment as pre-professional Physician Assistant Studies candidates.  Graduates will be dedicated to their patients and communities, showing respect for the dignity, worth, and rights of others, while serving with integrity, accountability, and trust as developing leaders in an evolving profession, and as potential advocates and innovators for augmenting, complementing, and advancing the quality, accessibility, and transformation of the healthcare system.