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Misericordia University is a Catholic, liberal arts-based, co-educational university. It was founded in 1924 as College Misericordia and it is sponsored by the Religious Sisters of Mercy. The university offers both undergraduate and graduate programs. In 1978, the Board of Trustees approved a mission statement that notes the nature and purpose of the College, and in 1994 it was revised as follows:

Misericordia University, a co-educational Catholic university sponsored by the Sisters of Mercy of Dallas, is committed to providing quality education to its students and to shaping its educational programs and policies to express the founding Sisters' values and attitudes of mercy, service, justice and hospitality. The university welcomes individuals of all faiths.

The academic development of each student at the undergraduate level is ensured by the university's commitment to provide a learning experience that cultivates higher order thinking skills through the integration of liberal arts and professional studies. To emphasize academic excellence and to develop critical thinking, all undergraduate curricula provide a common liberal arts base, the objectives of which are further developed in the major areas of study. The student's educational program prepares him or her for productive careers and continued personal and professional growth.

Graduate programs at Misericordia University emphasize intellectual discourse and focused academic growth. The cornerstone of each program is instruction and practice in methods of critical thinking that promote research and enhance professional expertise.

As part of its comprehensive educational program, the university is committed to providing a wide range of spiritual, physical, recreational, social, and cultural activities in which all members of the university community can participate.

Misericordia University fosters a cooperative environment in which students, faculty and staff demonstrate personal concern for each individual as a valued member of the university community.