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Spring '13 Classes

Here is a list of our department's courses for Fall, 2011. We have a great roster of journalism, video, public relations writing, and internet design selections.


COM 215 – Web Design and Production - 3 credits. An introduction to print design principles and production techniques. Areas covered include key design principles, fundamentals of professional-level typography, and page layout software programs to create print publications.

COM 217 Print Design and Production - 3 credits. This course is an introduction to design principles and production techniques. It includes key design principles, fundamentals of professional level typography and page layout software programs to create well designed media. It is a study of basic graphic elements, including the interaction of type and image as applied to visual communication in both print and Web design.

COM 220 Journalism I - 3 credits. Introduction to basic news writing and reporting. Emphasis on developing a journalistic style, learning to cover events, and conducting interviews.

COM 222 Fundamental Digital Photography - 3 Credits. Students will explore the fundamentals of digital photography, including the use of the SLR camera as well as digital photo manipulation software.  They will grow visual literacy as they critically examine images and study the application of composition, light, color, and technique.  They will also explore the legal and ethical implications of photography in the digital era, including privacy, libel, and taste.

COM 225 Photo Journalism - 3 credits. Analysis, evaluation and instruction in the critical process to evaluate media products and messages. The course will emphasize the difference between description, analysis, and opinion. Prerequisites: COM 101 plus nine addition credits in Communications.

COM 240 Audio Production – 3 credits. Instruction and practice in the creation and duplication of audio tracks for radio, television and multi-media.

COM 323 Broadcast Journalism - 3 credits. News reporting, writing, editing, and production of news for the electronic media. Prerequisite: COM 220 and COM 232, or permission of Chair.

COM 370 Campus Media Internship - 3 credits – TBA. Supervised, hands-on experience in media work on the Misericordia University campus in radio, video, newspaper, or public relations. Prerequisite: COM 173, 272, and 273, or permission of Chair.

COM 460 Integrated Communications Campaign- 3 credits. Student teams organize and create communication campaigns by integrating advertising, public relations, sales promotion, direct response and other integrated market communication tools. Prerequisite: Junior status.

COM 470 – Internship - 3 credits – TBA. Directed experiences at an off-campus media organization. A faculty member will be the student’s mentor during the internship. Prerequisite: Junior status and permission of Chair

COM 490 Senior Seminar-3 credits. Capstone course for the communications degree. Reading and study of mass media issues, exploration of media job options, and development of a senior media project. Prerequisites: Senior standing and COM 101, 220, 232, 306, 370, 470.

These 1-credit Practicum courses are also available: COM 173/Practicum (Newspaper) COM 272/Practicum (Radio) COM 273/Practicum (Video)

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