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University Status Conversion

MU logo
New logo in Pantone 293 blue
Misericordia University is moving ever closer to university status. It is likely you’ve seen or heard something about this process. Although approval on university status from the state is not yet final, it is very likely. The institution is now actively changing over materials to the new university look and logo.

The goal is to have as much as possible converted to the new look by Convocation on August 24, 2007; however, we plan to publicly release little university branded material prior to that date.

By now, we hope all departments and services have given some thought to what they need to change. Again, the process is already underway so you should begin now if you have not already done so. It is very, very important that we use our new graphic identity correctly and consistently. It has been proven that a well executed graphic identity program can greatly assist an organization in becoming better known. Here is a guide to assist you in the process.


Gather up all the printed materials your office uses that feature Misericordia University name or logo. Next, determine whether they are for internal audiences or external audiences. Review these items and make any other changes that are needed, above and beyond university and name. Assess whether or not you need them immediately on August 24 or at a later date. Priority will be given to external pieces needed immediately.


For each piece you’ve gathered, determine who supplied it. Purchasing? The Print Shop? Marketing or creative services? Did you order it yourself from a vendor? Where ever you obtained it originally is likely the best source to update it. The Marketing office and the Print Shop are ready to meet with you now to determine a schedule and a method for updating your materials.


If this item is something you would need to order as part of your annual process, then your normal operating budget should cover the cost. If this is a situation where updating what not otherwise have been done, then university status funds will be employed. Any item supporting a new initiative but one that is not directly related to university status should also have its own funding source.


Updating should begin immediately. Materials should be prioritized by external vs. internal audience and date needed. Most materials should be converted by August or early September. Please note that due to the volume of work, it will be extremely difficult to accommodate requests that come in less than six weeks prior to your expected usage date.

Non-printed materials

More instructions will be issued on how to update any material you have on the Misericordia web site. Keep in mind that you or your department may be listed on web sites and in association directories specific to you or you discipline. Please make a note in your calendars to contact them or others with whom you do business in early August to relay the change to Misericordia University.

Here is a list of frequently asked questions that may also help you.


Jim Roberts

Director of Marketing Communications,, 674-6758

Jim Sabulski

Manager, Printing, Duplicating and Mail Services,, 674-6241

Amy Bachman

Marketing Coordinator, 674-3342,

Marcia Frank

Production Coordinator, Creative Services,, 674-6198