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Honorus Journal Index

Welcome to the journal index for the Honorus journal published by the Misericordia University Honors Program. This index is organized by volume and lists each article and its author in sequence within the journal. Honorus articles are available through inter-library loan from the serial collection in our library--a link for which is included within the Honorus title page.

Volume XXIV, 2009

  1. Intensity Modulated Radiation Therapy
    Ashley Rosenbaum
  2. A Theatrical Experience: Honor’s Completion Project Narrative
    Rachel Orehotsky
  3. CT Scans: Benefits, Risks, and Alternatives
    Steven Hannis
  4. Patients with Prostate Cancer: Their Experience During Treatment
    Toby Soward

Volume XXIII, 2008

  1. The Significance of Psychological Services for Gastric Bypass Patients Before, During, and After Surgery
    Kerri Petro
  2. Church and Country: Anti-Catholicism and Selective Immigration
    Paul Fetzer
  3. Autism and Applied Behavior Analysis
    Elizabeth Sysko

Volume XXII, 2007

  1. The "Cold War" That Rekindled An Old Fire
    David Dzendzel
    Elizabeth Jasolosky
  3. Capstone Paper
    Kristen Boustead
  4. Dieting in America…. Fab or Fad?
    Robert Decker

Volume XXI, 2006

  1. The Ku Klux Klan and College Misericordia: Defining Identity Through Conflict
    Renee Lavin

Volume XX, 2005

  1. Alaskan Coral: Concern over their Destruction and Conservation
    Amanda Cuba
  2. Bridging the Gap: Recording a CD
    Christopher Gates
  3. Not Just Basket Weaving: Crafts, Personality, and Occupational Therapy
    Gretchen Fish
  4. Cinematizing Literature for Generation ‘X’: Cartoons, Sex and Pop Culture Meets Shakespeare
    Jolene Carey

Volume XIX, 2004

  1. Conducting Felix Mendelssohn-Bartoldy's He Watching over Israel
    By: Kyle Barnett
  2. Executing Juveniles: An Eight-Amendment Violation?
    By: Richard Brown
  3. The Argentine Financial Crisis: Problems and Prospects
    By: Leslie A Collier
  4. Bringing Out Inner Speech: A Union of Theater and Psychology and 1,000 Times: A One Act Play
    By: Meghan Dwyer
  5. Coming to the United States: The Importance of Food for Preserving Italian and Slovak Ethnic Identity
    By: Karen Fabiano
  6. The Consumer's Role in AAC Development
    By: Stacie Hershey
  7. Bill Monroe and Questions of Authenticity in Bluegrass Music
    By: Matthew Rogers
  8. A Study of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart: His Requiem, and its Influence on Conducting
    By: Christina Stango

Volume XVIII, 2003

  1. Psychological Responses to Tragic Events: A Comparison of 9/11 and Pearl Harbor
    By: Kristen Carew
  2. Renal Failure in Cats
    By: Dawn Fiedorczyk
  3. Musicals and the Myth: How Warner Brothers Musicals (1933-1937) Perpetuated the 1930’s Version of the Horatio Alger Myth
    By: Alison Piatt
  4. The Impact of Mental Preparation on Athletic Performance
    By: Bridget Reardon
  5. Anorexia Nervosa in Female Athletes
    By: Rebecca Roman

Volume XVII, 2002

  1. The Men and Women of Auschwitz
    By: James C. Konecke
  2. Gender Wars: Do Men Lose When Women Win With Title IX?
    By: Sara J. Shellhammer

Volume XVI, 2001

  1. Psychological Considerations for the Rehabilitation of an Injured Athlete
    By: Jill Connolly
  2. Osteoporosis: Etiology, Treatment, and Prevention
    By: Amy Ebling
  3. Tall in the Saddle: The Monumental Effects of Hippotherapy
    By: Kimberly Sechrist

Volume XV, 2000

  1. Intentions, Meanings, and Interpretations of the Second Amendment and Gun Control
    By: Ellen Rita Heidrick
  2. The Human Spumavirus and Use as a Vector in Gene Therapy
    By: Aaron LeFebvre
  3. Wound Healing and the Use of Regranex©
    By: Susan McCarty
  4. The World is too Much with Us: Technology and the Twentieth Century
    By: Leighann Williams

Volume XIV, 1999

  1. Use of Remotivation Therapy in Occupational Therapy Treatment
    By: Jason Meixsell
  2. Prevention and Treatment Intervention of Falls in the Elderly Population
    By: Kristy Nadolsky

Volume XIII, 1998

  1. Occupational Therapy: From Theory to Practice
    By: Cindy L. Hrinko
  2. Mathematics: The Need for Manipulatives
    By: Cynthia O'Malia
  3. Mentally-Ill Homeless: Prospects for Occupational Therapy Treatment
    By: Michelle M. Roberts
  4. Lymphedema Management in Postmastectomy Patients
    By: Lisa Tarhanich

Volume XII, 1997

  1. Reading - The Importance of Early Emphasis
    By: Cindy Beck
  2. Implementation of a Basic Quality Control Program
    By: David Budzak
  3. Ultrasound: The Preferred Method of Fetal Imaging
    By: Laurie Earle
  4. Hester Prynne: Nathaniel Hawthorne's Heroic Character
    By: Molly Riley

Volume XI, 1996

  1. Numerical Methods for Solving Systems of Equations
    By: Thomas D. Amershek
  2. Functional Computer Programming With a Simple Interpreter
    By: Timothy M. Amershek
  3. Vestibular Therapy
    By: Justine Sperandeo

Volume X, 1995

  1. Evolution of the Commercial Internet: Patterns and Problems
    By: Jonathan Brassington
  2. Attitudes Toward Gun Control
    By: Melissa Decosmo
  3. Expert Computer Systems: Our Assistants or Successors
    By: Randolph Fung-A-Fat

Volume IX, 1994

  1. Violet Waters: An Approach to E.M. Forester's A Room With a View
    By: Laura Ann Furey
  2. Slave Labor and the Hindrance of Southern Economic Development
    By: Hillary M. Cave
  3. Alternative Intelligence Testing Methods
    By: Shannon J. Hinkle
  4. The Issue of Employee Rights: Privacy in the Workplace
    By: Denise Cuneo
  5. Trends Towards a Relational Database
    By: Shane Fung-A-Fat
  6. Total Quality Management Case Study: Misericordia University Academic Grievance Procedure
    By: Dawn Skiff

Volume VIII, 1993

  1. The Exclusionary Role: Efficiency and Equity
    By: Rebecca Ardoline
  2. An Examination of Issues Evolving from Interest Rate and Currency Swaps
    By: William J. Brassington
  3. The Cromwellian Settlement and the Displacement of Irish Cultures
    By: Margaret Royal Charnick
  4. The Lattimer Mine Massacre of 1897: An American Labor Tragedy
    By: Anya C. Musto
  5. An Overview of Sensory Integration Theory
    By: Paula Pavolonis and Robin Wadas
  6. Utilizing Play During Occupational Therapy Intervention of Children with Cerebral Palsy
    By: Camilla Stevens

Volume VII, 1992

  1. The Shift Towards Multi-Competency
    By: Lisa Baier and Linda Marsh
  2. An Examination of Local Area Networks
    By: Peter Brassington
  3. A Haitian Vodoum Healing Service: Indigenous and Western Medical Interpretations of Its Effectiveness
    By: Jill Gorman
  4. Juvenile Justice and Capital Punishment
    By: Annette Holmes
  5. Richard III and the Tudor Myth
    By: Eric Konecke
  6. Government Auditing
    By: Molly Lehman
  7. Understanding the Role of Occupational Therapy in the School System
    By: Dawn Schlosser

Volume VI, 1991

  1. A Comparison of Four Programming Languages
    By: Christina Bulford
  2. Use of Monitors in Parallel Processing
    By: Mark Fung-A-Fat
  3. The Nominations of Supreme Court Justices
    By: Christopher Riedlinger
  4. Alchol's Link to Tragedy
    By: Tanya Seach
  5. The Mind: Creative Force in the Universe
    By: John Woods

Volume V, 1990

  1. The Promotion of Occupational Therapy in Private Practice
    By: Michael Amory, Nancy Bartuska, Holly Ehrenfried
  2. The Cuban Missile Crisis: A Model of Presidential Decision Making
    By: Nicholas Andrea
  3. Pregnancy Induced Hypertension: Nursing Care of the Client with Service Preeclampsia
    By: Regina Chmura
  4. The Value of Level I Fieldwork in Occupational Therapy
    By: Karen Bimeal and Connie Stockage
  5. Early Christian Magical Spells
    By: Stevan Davies, Ph.D.

Volume IV, 1989

  1. President Theodore Roosevelt's Intervention in the Anthracite Coal Strike of 1902
    By: Tina Hummel
  2. Fitzgerald and The Great Gatsby: An Examination of 1920's Themes
    By: Cheryl Ann Manganella
  3. The Effectiveness of Music Therapy in the Treatment of Alzheimer's Disease
    By: Jaleh Mohallatee
  4. The Debates on the Formation of the Legislature at the Federal Convention of 1787
    By: Mark Oberstaedt
  5. Handbells in Music Therapy
    By: Karen Pugh
  6. IgE-Mediated, Immediate Type I Hypersensitivity, Specifically, Allergic Rhinitis
    By: Monica Storz

Volume III, 1988

  1. A Seventeen-Year Itch: The Story of the Cicada
    By: Shari Austin
  2. Computer Science and Its Impact as a Core Curriculum Subject
    By: Richard Brassington
  3. The Impact of Expert (Computer) Systems on Natural (Human) Expertise
    By: Nigel Fung-A-Fat
  4. John Keat's "URN", An Archetype For Mutability and Death
    By: Roseanne Griffin
  5. LSD: Its Effects on the Human Body
    By: Donna Hudick
  6. An Examination of Events That Led to Cuba's Transition To Communism: 1959-1961
    By: John-David Pallante
  7. The Equal Rights Amendment: Proponents vs Opponents
    By: Suzanne Pallante
  8. An Analysis of the Effects of Medieval Ideals on the Southern Planter Way of Life
    By: Tina Polachek

Volume II, 1987

  1. The Lincoln Assassination: An Examination of Prominent Conspiracy Theories
    By: Lisa Bempkins
  2. The Use of Music to Increase Appropriate Classroom Behaviors
    By: Diane Bowersox
  3. Shakespeare's Sonnets 1-126: Portrait of Mature Love
    By: Michael Daley
  4. Current Methods Used By Nurse Mangers to Prevent Burnout in Staff Members
    By: Holly A. Forgach
  5. The Marshall Plan: And Its Effects on Soviet-US Relations
    By: Thomas Severn Galka
  6. An American Public Library System: Factors Which Shaped its Development Between The Revolutionary and Civil Wars
    By: Florence Harry
  7. Cocaine: Its Effect on the Human Body
    By: Michael Jalowiec
  8. The Yalta Conference: Poland and the Problem of Interpretation
    By: Susan M. Payne

Volume I, 1986

  1. The Myron C. Taylor Mission, The Holy See and "Parallel Endeavors For Peace," 1939-1945
    By: Professor George J. Gill, Fordham University
  2. John F. Kennedy and the 1960 Primaries: Wisconsin-The Catholic Connection; West Virginia-The Catholic Disconnection
    By: Professor Arthur L. Hennessey, Jr., La Salle University
  3. Mystery and Mastery: Emerson and Dana The Problem of the Self-Made Man in Nineteenth Century America
    By: Professor Denis G. Johnson, Felician College
  4. An Anglo-American Catholic Correspondence: The Letters of John Carroll and Charles Plowden, 1778-1816
    By: Professor Allan Nelson, Caldwell College
  5. American-Chinese Relations: A Failure Typified by the Relationship of General Stilwell and Chiang Kai-Shek
    By: Joseph Pallante, Honors' Undergraduate, Misericordia University
  6. America's Patron Saint: Tammany
    By: Professor Nicholas Varga, Loyola College
  7. Soviet Involvement in the Pacific War: A Logical Progression
    By: Professor Lee J. Williames, Misericordia University
  8. William E. Gladstone and The Industrial Crisis of 1842
    By: Professor John J. Woods, Rosemont College
  9. Triumphing for Others-The Achievements of Eleanor Roosevelt and Eva Peron as First Ladies
    By: Professor Loretta Sharon Wyatt, Montclair State College

Volume I, No.2, 1986

  1. Reminiscences of the Big Band Era
    By: Jazzbow and Jan Souther