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Video Observation

The Speech-Language and Hearing Center at Misericordia University uses a novel technology (Landro Play Analyzer) (LPA) for speech and language observation and analysis. This technology is used for advanced video-capture in the clinic. Cameras in each therapy room are linked to a central server. The LPA secure server sends the video to a clinical supervisor’s computer for recording and editing. Four sessions can be viewed and recorded simultaneously. The video is also sent to the student clinicians’ resource room, clinical rooms, and classrooms for viewing and playback. These videos can be accessed via tablet PCs in each therapy and observation room so that students can review sessions with clients in real-time. Professors can also retrieve video from the server and display clinical sessions in the classroom. All sessions are categorized by several parameters, including, age, gender, race, disorder, therapy session, treatment technique, and other factors. Students, supervisors, and faculty can complete a video analysis in Microsoft Excel of one session or multiple sessions for a client or for numerous clients by refining a search field by any of the parameters in the database. All video can be burnt to DVD format and given to clients to demonstrate progress in therapy. The equipment in the video observation lab was funded by Pennsylvania Department of Community and Economic Development – Keystone Innovation Starter Kit Grant and by Misericordia University’s Faculty Research Grant Program.

Click here to view a PDF diagram of the video observation technology.