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Graduate School

Graduate & Professional School Resources

The Insalaco Center for Career Development can help you prepare for this important step in your academic career of applying to graduate or professional school.  A number of useful resources are available on campus in our career library and online for individuals considering applying to graduate or professional school.

Call 570.674.6409 to schedule an appointment to:

• Discuss career goals and objectives.

• Research and obtain more information about specific programs of interest.  

• Identify and discuss other factors that might help to determine where to apply, such as size of the institution, geographic location, student life, financial aid, etc.

• Determine if an entrance exam is required for admission and review available test locations, dates and times. 

• Schedule a free practice test on campus.

• Review personal statements, resumes, and related materials to ensure goals and experiences are well represented within the application.

• Prepare for a graduate school interview.

You have worked hard to get this far and the ICCD is here to assist you in your academic quest for a graduate or professional degree.

Online Resources