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Core Curriculum Requirements and LCCC Equivalents

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(6 credits- Student must take 2)
PSY 123 Intro to Psychology PSY 103 General Psychology
SOC 101 Comparative Sociology SOC 215 Principles of Sociology

BUS 205 Macroeconomics
Bus 206 Microeconomics

ECO 151 Principles of Econ I
ECO 152 Principles of Econ II

(6 credits- take any 2)
ENG 151 University Writing Seminar ENG 101 English Composition
ENG 101 Lit of Values: Ancient ENG 221 Lit- Western World I
ENG 102 Lit of Discovery: Modern ENG 222 Lit- Western World II
ENG CORE (Writing Intensive) ENG 104 Writing about Literature
ENG 104 Lit of Discovery: American ENG 223 American Lit. I
ENG 224 American Lit II

(6 credits)
FA 102 Cultural Synthesis/Ancient World ART 110 Art Appreciation (through Summer 2015)

FA 208 Pop Music: Diversity and Identity

MUS 150 Music Appreciation
FA 209 Themes in Art ART 130 History of Commercial Art
ART 200 The Movies
FA 211 Global Contemporary Art ART 150 The Creative Spirit in Modern and Contemporary Art

(6 credits- take one American, one non-American OR complete the full American History or Western Civilization sequence)
HIS 101 Western Civilization I HIS 101 History of Civilization I
HIS 102 Western Civilization II HIS 102 History Civilization II
HIS 103 US History I HIS 201 American History to 1865
HIS 104 US History II HIS 202 American History from 1865
POL 100 American Government POL 100 American Government

(6 credits)

BANK I (choose one course)

MTH 120, 160,165,171


MAT 101 Survey of Math
MAT 121 College Algebra   
MAT 125 College Algebra & Trig          
MAT 140 Calc for Bus & Soc Sci            
MAT 151 Anal Geom & Calc I
Mat 260 Discrete Math

BANK II (choose one course)

MTH 115, 160, 165, 171, 172

MAT 107 Basic Statistics
MAT 140 Calc for Bus & Soc Sci 
MAT 151 Anal Geom & Calc I
MAT 251 Anal Geom & Calc II
MAT 260 Discrete Math

(note: certain majors require specific Math courses, for example, Natural Sciences typically require Calculus, and many other majors require Statistics)

(6 credits- 3 credits must be PHL 100)
PHL 100 Introduction to Philosophy PHI 150 Introduction to Philosophy
PHL 223 Social Ethics PHI 151 Introduction to Ethics

(7-8 credits - one core science must have lab component)
Natural Science Core (w/o lab)  
BIO 105 Essential Biology BIO 101 Intro to Biological Science I
Natural Science Core (non-lab) CHE 111 Fundamentals of Chemistry
Natural Science Core (non-lab)  PHY 101 Intro to Physical Science I
PHY 142 Earth Science PHY 102 Intro to Physical Science II
PHY 141 Intro to Astronomy PHY 111 Descriptive Astronomy
Natural Science Core (w/ lab)  
BIO 111 Evolution, Genetics, Ecology BIO 101 General Biology I
BIO 211 Anatomy and Physiology BIO 135 Anatomy and Physiology I
CHM 101 Chemistry in Context CHE 131 Principles of Chemistry I
CHM 133-134 General Chem I & II CHE 151-152 General Chem I & II
PHY 117-118 Physics Intro I & II

PHY 123-124 Technical Physics I & II

PHY 131-132 General Physics I & II

PHY 221-222 General Physics I & II PHY 151-152 Calculus Based Physics I & II
(certain majors, especially those in the Natural and Health Sciences, may require more than one of the above sequences, or may require other, more specific sciences instead of the above)

(6 credits – no LCCC equivalents)