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Pre-Requisite Courses

The following 19 credits of pre-requisite courses must/should be completed before beginning the Nuclear Medicine Certificate with a minimum grade of C- (C if taken off campus). All may be taken at Misericordia, if desired, and in any format available: traditional, Expressway, weekend college, on-line, etc.

*MTH 120 (Mathematical Reasoning) or higher level math - 3 credits

#PHY 117 (Physics Introduction I) - 4 credits or equivalent (3 cr. Physics courses without a lab may be considered)

*BIO 121/122 (Human Structure & Function I and II) or BIO 211/212 (Anatomy & Physiology I and II) - 8 credits

#Chemistry -  (must have lab component)

* Must be completed prior to beginning the program.

# Should be completed prior to beginning the program but must be completed no later than the end of Session I of the program.