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Mathematics Major


Majors, Specializations and Certifications

Mathematics Major

Division of Mathematical and Natural Sciences

Degree: B.S. or B.A./Mathematics

Department Chairperson: Dr. Pat Touhey

Mathematics has been called the "queen of the sciences." In recent years, the increased use of statistics and quantitative methods, and the computer revolution, have caused mathematics to pervade not only the physical sciences, but the life and social sciences as well. Mathematical techniques are widely used in research, in industry, manufacturing, commerce and government. Recognizing these broad applications, Misericordia University designed its major program in Mathematics to expose students to both classical and contemporary areas.

The Mathematics major prepares students for careers in business, industry or government, or for future study in graduate or professional school.

Students may choose to pursue either a B.S. or B.A. degree in Mathematics. The required mathematics courses for either degree are the same. Students who choose a B.A. must complete PHY 221-222; those choosing a B.S. must complete PHY 221-222 and either CHM 133-134 or BIO 101-102. All students must complete CPS 101 and CPS 121.

Students must fulfill the core curriculum requirements of the College in addition to the minimum of 40 credits of approved mathematics courses including a senior independent project in consultation with their advisor.