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Graduate Admissions Requirements

University Admissions

Initial admissions decisions are made by the Center for Adult and Continuing Education. Students are accepted to the University to participate in programs offered by the GEP only if they meet the following criteria:

  • Have participated in a rigorous undergraduate teacher education program, posting a cumulative grade point average of at least 3.0;
  • Possess a valid and current teaching certificate;
  • Have demonstrated an interest and commitment to becoming educational leaders by having participated in volunteer, extracurricular, and/or independent activities in which they interacted with groups of children.
  • Have demonstrated the ability to meet a series of "essential performance skills" typically expected of educators.

Graduate Program Application

Toward the end of their first semester, graduate students must meet with their GEP advisors to present information that indicates both their desire to participate in the GEP and that they possess the requisite academic abilities and performance skills to succeed in the program. During this meeting, the GEP's programs and policies are thoroughly explained.

Graduate Program Requirements

To be candidates for graduation, program completers must:

  • complete all courses and experiences required by their programs;
  • earn a "B" or better in all education (EDU) classes;
  • complete required sections of PRAXIS II ( and meet or exceed the cut scores established by PDE;
  • apply for University graduation;
  • apply for certifications related to their specializations.

Students who have completed one or more of the programs sponsored by the GEP and a series of other requirements set by accrediting organizations (for example, PRAXIS I and II scores, Act 34, 114, and 151 clearances), may be recommended for certification to the Pennsylvania Department of Education and/or other certifying organizations. Students may also opt to qualify for certifications provided by other states.