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Undergraduate Admissions Requirements

Applying to the University

Transferring into the Teacher Education Program

Selection and Retention

Applying for Student Teaching

Undergraduate Graduation Requirements



Applying to the University

Prospective students apply to the University using the University’s standard application. Admission decisions are made by the Admissions Department.

The requirements listed below are general; each application is looked at thoroughly, taking into account individual grades, academic rigor, and other factors.

The minimum criteria for admission into the undergraduate Early Childhood/Special Education, Middle Level, Secondary Education programs as a freshman student are:

  • High school class rank in the top half of the graduating class and/or a cumulative 2.5 average.
  • Minimum combined SAT score of 850 for Critical Reading and Math (combined) or equivalent ACT composite score (18).
  • History of involvement in employment, service, and/or tutoring programs that serve children.

Transfer applicants must hold a minimum collegiate grade point average of 3.0, having completed at least 15 college credits.



Transferring into TED

We welcome transfer students. If you are interested in transferring, please contact Shane Pagnotti, Assistant Director of Admissions for transfer students at 570-674-6255 or He will provide you with valuable and detailed information about the transfer process and put you in touch with Dr. Kingsley Banya, our department's Chairperson. Dr.Banya will provide you with detailed information about the TED's requirements and offer to meet with you to discuss your status and what courses and experiences you need.

To transfer into the TED, you will need to have a 3.0 GPA from your college, be ready to take and pass the state's required competency examinations (i.e., PRAXIS I tests in reading, writing, and mathematics), have experience with kids, be otherwise qualified to participate in a teacher education program, and have a firm desire to become a teacher.

If you have a degree in Biology, Chemistry, English, Math, or History and want to major in Secondary Education, you may not have to complete any content courses. However, our content specialists will review your transcript to make sure you are not missing any required courses.



Undergraduate Program Selection and Retention

To ensure quality, the TED uses a series of assessments to monitor students' progress through their programs. Information gathered from these assessments is used to make admission, program entry, retention, advancement, and graduation decisions.

At the end of their second year (first semester for transfer students), students interested in becoming teachers are reviewed for formal admission to the Teacher Education Department. Faculty complete an Initial Review Process that considers:

  • An application for formal acceptance that includes a personal essay explaining reasons for wanting to be a teacher (which also serves as a writing sample). Grades; students must have a cumulative GPA of 3.0
  • or above after at least 48 credits (at least 24 credits for transfer students), which include ENG 103 English Composition, ENG XXX American Literature, ENG XXX Literature Elective, and two college-level Mathematics. In all TED courses, students must earn a “C+” or better.
  • an indication that they will receive a passing grade in TED 101 Freshman Seminar or TED 102 Transfer Seminar and TED 191 Freshman Field.
  • PRAXIS I scores in Reading, Writing, and Math that meet or exceed the state’s cut scores.
  • Successful completion of required field experiences.
  • Possession of criminal, child abuse, and medical clearances.
  • Evidence of participation in professional associations and organizations, including the MU TED Education Club or The Secondary Education Club, and at least one major-related professional organization.
  • Demonstrate the ability to meet a series of "Essential Performance Skills" (see Catalog for a list) typically expected of educators. Students with disabilities who with reasonable accommodations can meet the demands are welcome.
  • Information that indicates the student respected the TED’s ethics policy.
  • At least one TED faculty recommendation

Undergraduate Program Retention

To remain a student in good standing, students must:

  • maintain an overall GPA of 3.0,
  • must earn a C+ or better in all TED courses,
  • must successfully all field and practicum requirements,
  • must maintain criminal, child abuse, and medical clearances.

In addition, students must also meet the following requirements:

  • Junior Independent Project: To demonstrate they have the organizational abilities and confidence to become teachers, during the fall semester, juniors must individually suggest, develop, and publicly present a poster session on a topic approved by their TED advisors. The presentations take place during American Education Week (third week of November).
  • Junior Group Project: To demonstrate they have the dispositions and abilities to work with colleagues, during the spring semester, juniors, in cooperation with at least two and no more than four peers, must suggest, develop, and publicly present a group poster session on a topic approved by their TED advisors.



Applying for Student Teaching

To be eligible for student teaching, candidates must timely complete all of the activities listed below. Before doing do, they should realize that student teaching is a demanding activity; as much as possible, they should reduce their involvements in family, employment, community, University, and academic activities.

Toward the end of their junior year, students may apply for student teaching, a full time semester-long experience in which they work under the supervision of carefully-selected veteran Cooperating Teachers and a University Supervisor.

Applicants must understand that student teaching is a major commitment; they should do what they can to reduce family, employment, community, and University activities to ensure they have the time and energy for student teaching.

Students may apply to student teach only if they have successfully completed PRAXIS I: The PPST; except for Secondary Level students, Fundamentals Subjects: Content Knowledge, and have maintained a 3.0 overall GPA. They may take the appropriate PRAXIS II tests after completing student teaching.

To be considered for student teaching, applicants must:

  • Submit applications (one for each of two placements).
  • Register for TED 401 Senior Seminar, during which student teaching requirements are introduced and discussed.
  • Verify they have a cumulative GPA of 3.0 or above and have completed all University and TED requirements, including fields, practicum experiences.
  • In addition to posting passing PRAXIS I scores, except for secondary Level Program students, students must have taken and passed Fundamentals of Core Knowledge, which is required by PDE.
  • Possess current criminal, child abuse, and medical clearances.
  • Have evidence of participation in professional associations and organizations, including the MU TED Education Club or The Secondary Education Club, and at least one major-related professional organization.
  • Have evidence that indicates they respected the TED’s ethics policy.
  • Be recommended by at least two members of the TED and the TED Chairperson.



Undergraduate Graduation Requirements

To be considered as Program Completers, students must:

  • complete all of their University requirements and all of their TED requirements (including field, practicum, and student teaching) with a minimum of a 3.0 GPA;
  • apply for University graduation; and
  • apply to complete PRAXIS II relative to their specializations.