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Secondary Education-Biology

Biology Major, Secondary Education Certification

Secondary Education Certification

Degree BS, Biology

Department Chair Anthony Serino, PhD

The secondary education program in biology (BIO/SECED) is designed to prepare junior high school and secondary school teachers of biology. Our BIO/SECED program has been continually refined to keep pace with developments in the profession. It is approved by the Pennsylvania Department of Education and leads to a teaching certificate valid in Pennsylvania (grades 7–12) and is transferable to many other states. A unique aspect of the program is that it prepares teachers to effectively deal with students with disabilities who are likely to be included in their classes

Effectively, students majoring in BIO/SECED must complete two majors, one in teacher education and one in biology. Accordingly, they have two academic advisors who cooperate to keep students on track. Each semester, they must meet with both of their advisors

Pre-service teachers in BIO/SECED must successfully complete the liberal arts core curriculum, a series of generic teacher education department (TED) courses and field experiences, the courses and experiences required by the SECED specialization, and a content area major in biology.

BIO/SECED majors must satisfactorily complete a series of field experiences that begin during the second semester of the first year and continue every semester until graduation. By graduation, our pre-service teachers will have spent at least 700 hours in community classrooms. During students' final semester they must complete a 15-week student teaching assignment (two separate placements).All field experiences and teaching assignments are arranged by Misericordia University. Transportation to and from field experience and student-teaching assignments is the responsibility of the student.

Students who successfully complete the BIO/SECED program are eligible for recommendation by Misericordia University to the Pennsylvania Department of Education for state teacher certification. This recommendation and the successful completion of other requirements established by the state, including meeting the pass scores specified by the state on the National Teacher Examination, qualify graduates for an "Instructional I" certificate. Once certified in Pennsylvania, our graduates usually have no difficulty becoming certified in other states.

Secondary Education Certification, Biology Major

Requirements for student completing degree requirements in May 2013 or later. Students completing their degrees no later than May 2012 follow program guidelines described in the 2009-2010 University Catalog, available on the Misericordia University website.

Sequence of Required Courses

First Year

First Semester

  Total Credits 17     

Second Semester

  Total Credits 18
 TED 100 Education Seminar 0   TED 131 Cultural Awareness 1
 TED 190 Education Seminar Field 0   TED 191 Freshmen Field 0
 CHM 133 Chemical Principles I 4   TED 121 Education Technology 3
 BIO 111 Evolution, Genetics, & Ecology 4   TED 231 Learning 3
 ENG American Literature Core 3   BIO 112 Cell and Molecular Biology 4
 PSY 123 Introduction to Psychology 3   CHM 134 Chemical Properties II 4
 ENG 103 English Composition 3   MTH 115 Statistics 3


Summer: 2 Core Courses (PHL, FA) 6 credits

Sophomore Year

First Semester

  Total Credits 17     

Second Semester

  Total Credits 17
 SPE 111 Special Ed & Exceptional Learners 3   SPE 211 Educational Assessment 3
 TED 243 Adolescent Development 3   TED 271 Classroom Management 2
 TED 292 Sophomore Field I 0   TED 377 Classroom Management Secondary 1
 BIO 201 Organismal Structure & Function 4   TED 293 Sophomore Field II 0
 MTH 151 Calculus I 3   BIO 202 Biological Interactions 4
 CHM 243 Organic Chemistry 4   CHM 244 Organic Chemistry 4
 TED 292 Sophomore Field I 0   ENG XXX English Literature Core 3
        TED 293 Sophomore Field II 0


Junior Year

First Semester

  Total Credits 17-18     

Second Semester

  Total Credits 13-15
 TED 353 Introduction to Instructional Planning 1   TED 367 Curriculum & Methods in Secondary Education 3
 TED 396 Practicum I 0   TED 397 Practicum II 0
 PHL 100 Introduction to Philosophy 3   BIO XXX Elective Track II 3-4
 CHM 353 Biochemistry I 3   PHY 222 General Physics II 4
 BIO XXX Elective Track I 3-4   BIO XXX Free Elective 3-4
 HIS 103 US History I 3   HIS 104 US History II 3
 PHY 221 General Physics I 4        


Senior Year

First Semester

  Total Credits 18-19

Second Semester

  Total Credits 16
 SPE 411 Inclusive Practices 3   TED 497 Student Teaching 9
 TED 495 Practicum III 0   TED 411 English Language Learners 2
 BIO XXX Elective Track II 3-4   TED 412 Professional Practice 2
 BIO XXX Free Elective 3   RLS XXX Religious Studies Core 3
 SOC 101 Comparative Sociology 3        
 RLS XXX Religious Studies Core 3        
 FA XXX Fine Arts Core 3        

Minimum credits required for graduation: 139