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Scholarships and Awards

Scholarships, Graduate Assistantships, Traineeships, and Awards

Misericordia University is committed to educating the next generation of generalist and advanced practice nurses. The Nursing Department participates in a variety of programs to support and recognize undergraduate and graduate nursing students. To find out more about these programs, click on one of the options below:


For more information regarding numerous sources of scholarships for nursing students - CLICK HERE!

Nursing Scholarship Resources for Students

Sharon Drasnin Scholarship Awarded annually to the nursing student with the highest grade point average at the completion of the Junior Year.

Edith Elliot Scholarship Awarded annually to female full-time undergraduate nursing students. There are 25- 30 Edith Elliot Scholarships awarded annually.

Victoria Cadawalder Scholarship Awarded annually to one academically able nontraditional full-time undergraduate nursing student.

Jean Tyrell Weinburg Scholarship This award is offered annually to an undergraduate incoming freshman nursing student.

Jennie Benedetti Scholarship Awarded annually to a Native of Greater Wilkes-Barre Area. The student must be in an undergraduate nursing or medical major.

Charlotte Newcomb Scholarship Numerous Charlotte Newcomb Awards are given annually to female 24 years and older who are either full time or part time in either the graduate or undergraduate nursing program. To be eligible for this award one half of your intended program must be completed.

Graduate Assistantships The Nursing Department offers a limited number of graduate assistantships to enrolled graduate students. The assistantships involve designated departmental responsibilities for which graduate assistants receive partial payment of tuition.


Qualifications: Matriculated student in the graduate nursing program.

Responsibilities: Under the direction of the assigned nursing faculty member (s), the graduate assistant will:

  1. Assist assigned faculty in program projects and research
  2. Assist with orientation, registrations and workshops
  3. Assist faculty in selected campus and community service projects
  4. Assist faculty with teaching aides.
  5. Proctor examinations
  6. Perform other activities as assigned by faculty

Hours: Appointments are for one term or one semester and may b renewed upon recommendation of assigned faculty and students. Graduate Assistants will be evaluated each semester. Students may apply for more than one graduate assistant position at any time.

Graduate assistants are expected to work eight (8) hours per week. The timing of these hours is flexible and will be jointly agreed upon by assigned faculty and/or the Nursing Department Chairperson and the graduate student(s).


Each graduate assistant will be compensated in a dollar amount equivalent to three (3) graduate credits.

Written requests for assistantships are evaluated by the Nursing Department Chairperson and Faculty. Information about Graduate Assistantships in Nursing can be obtained by contacting Donna Ayers Snelson at the Nursing Office: (570) 674-6474 or

Advanced Nursing Education Traineeships

Advanced Nursing Education Traineeships Website The Nursing Department participates in a grants program with the Department of Health and Human Services to provide tuition assistance for advanced nursing education. Advanced Nursing Education Traineeships provide federal funds to the College to award to students who are appointed as trainees. Students who are awarded traineeships will have part of the cost of their education paid by these federal grant funds. Traineeships are not loans. The monies awarded are similar to scholarships in that they are applied directly to the students' tuition and fees. More information about the program description and history can be obtained at:


The following awards are available for students who are graduating from the undergraduate, RN and graduate nursing programs:

  1. The Sister Mary Kateri Dowart Award is an award that is conferred annually to a graduating undergraduate nursing student. Criteria include:
    1. QPA above 3.0
    2. Demonstrated service to the Nursing Department, the College and the Community
    3. Membership in the National Student Nurses Association
    4. Endorsement by faculty
  2. The M. Bernadette Hogan Award is an award that is conferred annually to a graduating RN to BSN student who exemplifies outstanding service and leadership to the profession of nursing and the community.
  3. The Dr. Marcie Jones Award is an award that is conferred annually to a graduate nursing student in good academic standing who demonstrates living the mission of the college: mercy, justice, hospitality and service.
  4. The Clinical Excellence Award is an award that is given to an undergraduate nursing student whose GPA is greater than 3.0 and who is judged by faculty to administer superior nursing skills in clinical practice.
  5. The John Glawe Award for Caring and Compassion in Nursing is an award that is conferred annually to a BSN student who exemplifies caring and compassion with clients on the clinical unit.
  6. Graduating seniors in nursing also are eligible for College conferred awards.