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2014 Career Exploration Camps

SLP Career Exploration Camp

Misericordia University is offering rising high school juniors and seniors an opportunity to experience and learn more about exciting professions and residential life on a college campus in a series of eight Career Exploration Camps in June.


The Career Exploration Camps at Misericordia University are a popular destination for students who want to explore both college campus life and a potential career. The university offers academic camps in biology, business, chemistry-biochemistry sciences, communications and media, literature, nursing, occupational therapy, and speech-language pathology. Space is limited in each camp and registration is necessary.


The Biology Career Exploration Camp from June 29 to July 2immerses students in basic biological research, analysis, and the communication of research findings. It also will expose them to several specialties in the life sciences, including molecular biology, biodiversity, anatomy and physiology, zoology, and ecology. The camp includes to local study sites where students evaluate environmental impacts on the local ecosystem by collecting organisms and analyzing physiochemical samples from a stream or terrestrial habitat. For more information, please contact Helen Bogdon at (570) 674-6378 or The camp costs $95 and space is limited.


The Future Business Executives Camp is being held June 29 to July 2for rising juniors and seniors in high school. The Center for Economic and Entrepreneurship Education at Misericordia University, under the direction of Robert Williams, M.S., executive director, hosts the interactive camp for high school students who are interested in understanding the fundamentals of economics and entrepreneurship. Students who participate in the academic camp learn valuable lessons they can apply to their everyday and academic lives. Participants attend lectures by local business leaders and executives who share industry standards, innovations, and expectations for new employees entering their fields. Students will also be introduced to an ongoing economics curriculum that they will be able to access throughout the academic year. The camp costs $100. To register or to obtain more information, please log on to or contact Mr. Williams, M.S., director of the Center for Economics and Entrepreneurship Education, at (570) 674-6777 or at


The Chemistry-Biochemistry Sciences Camp from June 29 to July 1allows students to explore possible careers in forensic science, alternative energy, the pharmaceutical industry and more. The camp is for rising high school juniors and seniors and costs $90. For more information or to register, please contact Dr. Anna Fedor, Ph.D., assistant professor of chemistry and biochemistry, at (570) 674-6769 or at


The Communications and Media Camp on June 29 to July 2offers students the opportunity to thoroughly explore careers in the field. Students create a television magazine show, learn studio and field production techniques, write newspaper feature stories, and design a full-color newspaper. Afterward, they receive copies of their media products as the first entries into their pre-professional media portfolios. The camp is guided by members of the Misericordia University Department of Communications who have decades of professional experience in print and broadcast journalism. Faculty members also advise MU’s national and state award-winning media, including the television magazine show, “CougarCast,’’ and The Highlander student newspaper. The cost of the camp for rising high school juniors and seniors is $90. For more information or to register, please contact Melissa Sgroi, Ed.D., assistant professor and chair of the Department of Communications, at (570) 674-6744 or at


The Literature Camp for rising high school juniors and seniors is being held June 29 to July 2with Rebecca Steinberger, Ph.D., professor and chair of the Department of English. It provides an opportunity for students who have a love for stories, poems, novels, and the stage to work with Misericordia faculty and students in a variety of workshop settings, including creative writing, literary adaptation, literature and pop culture, and literature in the multi-media age. The camp explores literature from around the world, including American, multi-ethnic and English literature, and looks at its use in popular culture. The camp costs $85. For more information or to register, please Dr. Steinberger at (570) 674-6423 or at


The Nursing Pre-College Camp from June 29 to July 2is geared toward rising high school seniors. It enables students to gain experience in the field of nursing through a blend of clinical, laboratory, classroom and field experiences. They gain extensive hands-on experience in the profession and its many specialty fields through the latest interactive technology in the simulation laboratory in John J. Passan Hall, meet with nursing faculty and students, and tour clinical sites in the region. The cost of the camp is $90. For more information, please contact Kathleen Devine Gelso, R.N., M.S.N., assistant professor of nursing, at (570) 674-6373 or at To register, please log on to The camp is limited to 20 students.


The Occupational Therapy Camp for rising high school seniors is being held June 29 to July 1 It provides extensive hands-on experience in an exciting health care specialty field by giving students an opportunity to learn about the occupational therapy profession, meeting faculty and students in the academic department, and touring clinical sites in northeastern Pennsylvania where occupational therapists practice. Community site visits allow students to observe the wide range of services offered by therapists, including inpatient and outpatient rehabilitation services, hospital treatments, and pediatric services. The camp costs $90. Please contact Debbie Carey at for more information or to apply. Admission to the camp is competitive. To apply online, please log on to and click on Career Exploration Camp.


The Speech-Language Pathology Camp for rising juniors and seniors is June 29 to July 2  The academic camp allows students to become familiar with the many career options in the growing field of speech-language pathology. Participants tour the department’s state-of-the-art academic facilities at John J. Passan Hall, learn about the career field from guest lecturers, interact with some clients in the Speech-Language and Hearing Center, and tour a local health care facility and school to learn about the various settings in which speech-language pathologists are employed and the populations they serve. Speech-language pathologists are employed in schools, hospitals, nursing care facilities, home health care settings, outpatient care centers, day care centers for children, and institutions of higher education. The camp costs $95and space is limited. For more information or to register, please contact Tracey O’Day at (570) 674-6724 or at