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Creative Services

Marketing’s Creative Services team consists of one production manager and one graphic designer. They provide graphic design and graphic project planning support for the University. Marketing’s creative services team is also the primary site for management of the University’s visual brand. They work to ensure timely and effective graphic materials are produced that comply to a consistent, intentionally crafted visual look. As graphic design resources are limited, it is important that projects involving graphic design be well planned. Please contact Marcia Frank, production manager, at 570-674-6196,, to plan your project. Creative Services may need to prioritize projects to focus on efforts that are of strategic importance. Staff can guide your project to the appropriate resource for assistance which could include free-lance artists or the University’s Printing Duplicating and Mailing Department. That said, the ability to expand resources to accommodate rush projects is limited. Marketing can not always guarantee availability of graphic design resources on short notice, nor can it always ensure availability of printing resources for rush projects, although we strive to do so when required.
Planning and Requesting a Project
Departments at the University can request assistance from Creative Services in planning a graphic design project and executing that design. Please complete the Creative Services request form located on e-MU under the Employee tab. Before logging in to the form, gather some key information: What is the goal of the project? For whom is it intended? How many are needed? By when? What is your budget and do you have the specific account code to charge expenses? When will you have photos and copy for your project?
Don’t hesitate in requesting a meeting with Marketing’s Creative Services staff should you have questions concerning these project elements. Marcia Frank, production manager, can assist you with planning and John Clark, graphic designer,, can review the creative concepts and the overall goal for the project. If your project is more comprehensive than just a single graphics project, remember to indicate a request to meet with a Marketing Department planning representative when you complete the Creative Services Request form or contact Marketing staff directly.
Timelines can vary depending on the graphics project.
All design production guidelines are approximate.

Ad for print
1 week
4 weeks
6 weeks
2 weeks
Bus Shelter
2 weeks
Digital billboard
1 week
Digital signs on campus
2 weeks
Event tickets
2 weeks
2 weeks
FAQ sheet
2 weeks
3-4 weeks
3-6 months
Poster or banners
3 weeks
Prints for framing
3 weeks
Post card
2 weeks
Web ads
1 week
Web icons
1 week

Printing timelines
Please allow 1–3 weeks for most printing projects. Timing depends on the size of the print run, the size of the project, and the printer’s schedule.
Graphic Standards
MU maintains a graphic standards manual that explains Misericordia’s visual identity and institutional brand in great detail. A copy of the graphic standards manual can be obtained by contacting the Creative Services team. It is available to any vendor doing work on behalf of any University department, club or other entity. The consistent use of these standards throughout all University communications—both in print and online—will build a stronger, more coherent, and more persuasive brand identity. A strong brand will in turn help Misericordia achieve the goal to increase awareness, interest, and enrollment while also improving student quality.
All uses of the Misericordia logo or official mark or MUST comply with established graphic standards. Failure to do so may result in lack of payment of invoices related to the project as facilitated by the Purchasing and Accounting Departments.
If you have further questions about correct usage of the graphic identity and other brand elements, please contact the Marketing Communications Department Creative Services staff for project approval.