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Student Goals and Expected Outcomes

Student Goals

Graduates of the program will:

  1. Be prepared to practice as physical therapist generalists capable of contemporary, reflective, competent, legal, autonomous and ethical practice.
  2. Competently utilize and contribute to, evidence for the validation and advancement of the art and science of physical therapy.
  3. Apply appropriate and effective teaching methods to educate others.
  4. Effectively communicate and interact with colleagues for the benefit of optimal service to clients.
  5. Respect and respond to individual differences in interactions with clients, families, colleagues and the community.

Student Expected Outcomes

Upon successful completion of the physical therapy education program, graduates will be able to competently:

1.1 Perform in the area of professional practice.

  • Professional behaviors
  • Core values

1.2 Perform in the area of patient/client management.

  • Screening
  • Examination, evaluation
  • Diagnosis, Prognosis
  • Plan of Care
  • Intervention
  • Outcomes assessment

1.3 Perform in the area of practice management.

  • Prevention
  • Health promotion
  • Fitness, wellness
  • Consultation
  • Practice management

2. Demonstrate evidence-based practice by identifying, analyzing, evaluating and synthesizing sources of information to support clinical decisions.

3. Develop educational programs that are effective for intended audiences.

4. Communicate with others and document in an accurate, appropriate and timely manner.

5. Provide optimal care in a compassionate manner that considers client wishes and takes into account cultural and societal constraints.