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Picture Archiving and Communication Systems Administration Certificate (PACS)

Misericordia University Picture Archiving and Communication Systems Administration Certificate Program

PACS Information

Misericordia University’s Picture Archiving and Communication Systems (PACS) Administration certificate is designed to develop the essential skills and knowledge needed to plan, implement, maintain, and operate PACS and other health care imaging information systems.

The program is designed for adult learners working in a health care radiologic technology or a health care information technology field. The PACS certificate prepares students for the Certified Imaging Informatics Professional (CIIP) certification exam.


  • Taught fully online
  • Low tuition, only $375 per credit
  • Designed specifically for adult learners – high level of customer service
  • Predictable scheduling
  • Program length: The certificate program is designed to be completed in as little as one year.

Program Delivery

Courses are offered online with Misericordia IT support and training, and taught by professionals in the field.

Outline of the PACS Curriculum

  • HCI 261 PACS I - 3 credits
  • HCI 262 PACS II - 3 credits
  • ITS 200 Introduction to Information Technology Security - 3 credits
  • MIS 200 Systems Analysis, Design, and Implementation - 3 credits
  • MIS 220 Applied Networking Design - 3 credits
  • MIS 432 Database Management Systems Design - 3 credits

Total of 18 credits

PACS Student Learning Outcomes

  1. Students will be able to manage medical image databases within the legal and professional standards
  2. Students will be able to interact with other information system databases used in healthcare facilities
  3. Students will be able to evaluate and implement practical operational strategies that will make the workflow more efficient based on theories learned in the curriculum and internship experiences.
  4. Students will be able to apply theoretical knowledge and analytical abilities necessary to be prepared for a PACS position in the healthcare setting.

For more information on the PACS Administration Certificate Program , contact:
Maki McCann,M.S.
Assistant Director of Admissions
Phone: 570-674-1226
Fax: 570.675.2441
or e-mail