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Program Goals and Learning Objectives

  1. To promote sound academic and career decision making.
  2. To encourage critical thinking in selecting courses and community experiences that expose students to the liberal arts and pre-professional learning experiences.
  3. To prepare students for graduate education and / or bachelor’s level positions in the workforce.
  4. To foster life-long learning, sound and ethical decision making, and continual assessing of personal and professional aspirations.

Students will:

  1. Assess their previous academic learning, community engagement, and work experience in order to plan a realistic curriculum.
  2. Develop an academic plan which takes into account the need for a liberal arts base and realistic goals, based upon their capabilities and areas of interest.
  3. Demonstrate their ability to connect with university and community resources which will enhance their academic and career-oriented decision making.
  4. Integrate their previous learning, work experience, and community engagement with required liberal arts and pre-professional course work.
  5. Develop a post-graduate plan for continued education and / or employment.
  6. Provide evidence to affirm that they can write effectively, think critically, and apply the University Mission and Charisms to their decision making and life choices.