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PA Criminal Check and Child Abuse Clearances

Ruth's Place, Sociology Department

Please obtain the necessary clearances prior to the beginning of the semester. Keep in mind clearances take on average 4-6 weeks to process. 

The following lists common clearances for local community services and agencies:


The criminal check can be completed very quickly with use of a credit/debit card ($10.00 cost).  The web site is:  Once on the webpage choose (on the left hand side of the screen) “Submit a New Record”, read the terms and then continue at the bottom of the page in order to secure a new clearance. In most cases, the result is immediate so please be sure you have a printer connected to your computer. If you receive a “pending” notice or if you will need additional copies of your clearance, it is important that you have the following information to gain access to the criminal clearance:  (1) the control number assigned to your application, (2) how you entered your name (i.e., whether you used a middle name or initial), and (3) the date of your application for printing your clearance.  You can print copies whenever needed, as long as you have this information. 

Once you see the screen that tells you that you either “Have a Record” or “Have no Record”, you click the control number.  On the next screen, click “Certification Form”.  This will lead you to the official clearance that is to be printed.



To secure a child abuse clearance (a $10.00 money order is required; no check or cash is accepted), you must complete the form and submit it through the mail.

Instructions and the application can be found at:  

Click on the link to the CY113 form midway through the introductory page, which is where you will find the application.  It has been confirmed with the PA Department of Public Welfare that the block that asks for Reason for the Request for Clearance should be checked beside the one for “child care services”.  DO NOT check “Volunteer.”  Please be aware that while the instructions state that the results of the clearance will be mailed within 14 days, it often takes at least 3 weeks, so it’s important to complete and mail the clearance request as soon as possible. 



If your service site requires immunization documentation or TB verification, most are accepting the health assessment that is completed when enrolling at Misericordia.  If you didn’t keep a copy before submitting it to the Health Center, the Center will provide one for you.  TB verification must be within one year of volunteer service start date.