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Incoming Students

The Health & Wellness Center utilizes the services of Magnus Health SMR (Student Medical Record) for the collection of the required health forms. As this is a web-based system, students will have continuous access to their medical record as well as the ability to make updates when needed. The system will send automatic reminders to assist with timely submission of annually required documents. Students will also have the option to take this electronic file with them once they've graduated.  There will be a one-time usage fee of $25.00 that students will be required to pay directly to Magnus Health.

During the 1-day orientation students will be given their Misericordia University EMU credentials. Once a student has their credentials they will have access to the internal portal and thus have access to Magnus Health SMR. Required documentation must be submitted to their Magnus Health SMR account no later than August 1. Such documentation includes, but is not limited to, an annual physical by their primary care provider (PCP); verification of childhood immunizations including a meningitis booster after their 16th birthday and a current PPD; as well as proof of current health insurance coverage.  These forms are a requirement for all full-time students regardless of their housing status.  Timely submission of documents is vital so that preparations can be made in time for the first day of class as well as to ensure that the registration and housing process is not delayed. That being said, it is strongly advised that incoming students contact their Primary Care Provider, as soon as possible, to schedule an appointment for some time after their 1 day orientation.