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The English/Pre-Law Specialization was developed in accordance with the recommendation of the Association of American Law Schools that prospective law students have a broad liberal arts background. The program has been carefully designed to develop essential communication and thinking skills and to prepare students for the Law School Admission Test and the study of law. Law schools attended by recent graduates include Boston University, Catholic University, Georgetown University. George Washington University, New York University, Syracuse University, and Temple University. 

The English/Secondary Education Certification is fully approved by the Pennsylvania Department of Education, and leads to a teaching certificate valid in Pennsylvania for grades 7-12, and transferable to many other states. Students do a full semester of student teaching in their senior year. Placements for student teachers at area schools are arranged by Teacher Education Program faculty. English/Secondary Education majors at Misericordia have a 100% pass rate on the National Teacher Exam. 

Minors are easily available to English majors, who have 33 credits of free electives. The Writing minor is designed to prepare students for careers in editing, advertising, legal writing, public relations, script writing, or any other field in which clear and effective writing is particularly important. The Communications Minor allows English majors to focus on a particular area of interest, such as print media or broadcast media or writing creatively for media, while they enjoy literature and develop excellent analytical and writing abilities. Theatre Minors take Theatre Production and are involved in at least three plays at the university, either on or off stage. One play is produced each semester. Theatre students also take Acting, and may elect to take courses that will give them experience in writing for the stage.