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Courses Offered

ENG 101C Literature of Values: Ancient and Medieval Literary Texts 

ENG 102M Literature of Discovery: Modern and Early Modern Literary Texts 

ENG 103 Composition 

ENG 104M Literature of Discovery: American Literature 

ENG 105 The Research Paper 

ENG 108G African American Literature 

ENG 109G Modern World Literature 

ENG 111G Literature of American Immigrants 

ENG 112 Speech Communication 

ENG 120 Theatre Production 

ENG 205 Beginning Acting 

ENG 220 Theatre in Performance 

ENG 300 Classics of Western Literature 

ENG 301 Teaching Writing 

ENG 302 Myth and Symbol 

ENG 303 Advanced Expository Writing 

ENG 315 Shakespeare

ENG 318 The Study of Language 

ENG 320 19th Century American Literature 

ENG 321 20th Century American Literature 

ENG 325 Feature and Magazine Writing 

ENG 339 Technical Writing 

ENG 341 Imaginative Writing 

ENG 343 Writing for Media 

ENG 345 Fiction Writing 

ENG 347 17th Century Literature 

ENG 350 Medieval and Renaissance Literature 

ENG 351 Restoration and 18th Century Literature 

ENG 352 19th Century British Literature 

ENG 353 20th Century British Literature 

ENG 354 Russian Literature 

ENG 362 Fairy and Folk Tales 

ENG 415 Selected Studies in Literature (Studies of individual authors, and special topics of interest to faculty or requested by students) 

ENG 420 Senior Seminar 

ENG 450 Senior Thesis 

ENG 470 Internship 

ENG 480 Independent Study