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On-Campus Recruiting


The On-Campus Recruiting Program at Misericordia University is a structured process facilitated by the Insalaco Center Career Development (ICCD) to bring students and employers together on campus to participate in interviewing opportunities.

When interviewing occurs: Fall on campus recruiting runs from early October to mid-November and Spring on campus recruiting runs from mid-February to early May.

To schedule a visit: Contact 570-674-6409.

How it works: First we establish a date you would like to come to campus to conduct interviews. Your organization and position are then posted on College Central Network. We will then establish a deadline date by which interested students must apply online. After the deadline passes, you view, print, and prescreen candidate resumes, make candidate selections and forward those names to the ICCD via fax (570-674-6700), email or phone (570-674-6409). We can also arrange to e-mail or fax you the resumes of interested students. The ICCD then notifies students of selection and establishes interview schedules.

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