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Academic Services

Students during an LRC tutoring session

Individual Academic Support

The Student Success Center offers individual academic support to students who request help with general study skills and learning strategies. Students who are experiencing difficulty in specific courses or would like to improve their performance in a specific course or courses can make an appointment with one of the Student Success Center's academic support professionals. The student will receive a professional assessment of current strategies, suggestions for alternate strategies and follow up services. The Center's staff also accepts referrals of students by staff and faculty. Once a referral is made, the SSC will contact the student and offer academic support services as indicated.

Peer and Professional Tutoring

Misericordia University offers a variety of tutorial options to assist students in achieving academic goals. Small group tutoring is provided in most core curriculum courses and many professional courses. Peer Tutor Training is mandatory for all students who are eligible to tutor. Peer tutors must maintain a "B" or better in the classes they tutor. Tutoring services operate out of the Student Success Center, which is located in the lower level of Alumnae Hall. All tutorial services are free of charge.

Academic Interventions for First Year Students

The Student Success Center closely monitors first year student grades. During the first semester, students who are struggling academically at midterm are invited to attend a voluntary academic support program called A.I.M. (Agility, Intelligence, and Motivation). The program consists of a five-week workshop series that assists students in developing time management skills, study skills, learning strategies and behaviors associated with success in college. In addition, the students in A.I.M. are placed into small tutoring groups facilitated by specialized Peer Learning Assistants to support their coursework.

For students who are placed on academic probation after the first semester, The Student Success Center provides a required academic intervention program called TARGET. This program consists of a semester long intervention program that helps students develop time management skills, study skills, learning strategies and behaviors associated with success in college. The Academic Support Staff maintain close contact with the faculty and sports coaches of students involved in the program for the purpose of monitoring student progress. Students are also placed in tutoring groups that addresses the course work where the student needs the most assistance. Again, Peer Learning Assistants facilitate the tutoring groups. Along with the workshops and tutoring, the students are required to see a counselor and maintain regular contact with an academic support professional at the Student Success Center.


Each semester, the Student Success Center offers a series of workshops to help students develop skills necessary for academic success. Workshops typically offered include: Time Management; Preparing for Midterms and Finals; Academic Organizing; APA Documentation Style.