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GROUPS Group counseling provides an opportunity for students with common concerns to meet in a safe, and confidential setting to address issues that are affecting them. Groups are facilitated by skilled professionals and promote emotional and psychological health. The Center offers groups that fall into various categories: Therapy Groups assist members with changing behaviors, improving relationships, gaining insight and improving overall healthy functioning. Support Groups serve to unify members around certain common themes by providing information and guidance and general emotional support through the relationships and trust developed over time. Psycho-Educational Groups offer participants information and skills needed to manage behaviors that impact emotional and psychological well being.

WHAT CAN I EXPECT IN GROUP COUNSELING? In both Therapy and Support Groups, members share thoughts and personal feelings about their own lives and issues that arise in the group. Since participants need to be committed to the group process and sincere about learning and growing as persons, potential members meet with the group facilitator to determine eligibility for participation. Psycho-Educational Groups offer a wide-range of student participation since they are more structured and focus on skill development. No pre-screening is required for these groups. As a participant in any of these groups you can expect to build confidence in yourself and become more aware of the impact you have on others. You will be able to identify and express your feelings more effectively. You will also know that you are not alone as you listen to the concerns of other group members. You will be able to give and receive support.


  • Make the commitment to attend group consistently and for the duration of the group
  • Engage with the group and the process
  • Take risks to share what is important to you
  • Respect group members
  • Participate openly and honestly, and as often as is comfortable for you
  • Share your thoughts and feelings


Interpersonal Therapy Group

This six to eight person group is for students who want to have better relationships (of any kind - family relationships, friendships, partner relationships, peer relationships, etc.). to figure out how to stop doing the things that are unhelpful and do more of what is helpful in building strong and meaningful relationships and to feel better about themselves.  If you are interested or want more information contact Dr. Cindy at 674-6366 or

Peaceful Mind Group

This six to eight person group is for students who would describe themselves as "worriers". If you are someone who seems to worry about many things (or everything) or if you tend to feel a great deal of stress and anxiety, this group may be for you.  Through a blend of discussion and experience of various relaxation and stress management strategies, students will learn how to quiet their minds and shut off the worry.  If you are interested or want more information contact Dr. Cindy at 674-6366 or

The Women's Body Acceptance Group

This six to eight person group will meet for four weeks and engage in structured exercises led by the facilitator to enhance participants own body acceptance and to dispel leading myths about body image, especially as it relates to the Western culture.  The group willl be interactive, educational, and fun! If you are interested or want more information contact Dr. Cindy at 674-6366 or

NOTE:  This is not a group for those struggling with eating disorders.  Those students who struggle with this issue are welcome to contact Dr. Cindy for individual sessions.

Sexual Assault Surviving to Thriving (Ages 18-24)

This four to six person student group will meet for two weeks with the option to continue group.  Participants will discuss the challenges resulting from their sexual assault.  Students will reflect on their recovery and set goals to overcome challenges.  A separate male and female group will be offered. If you are interested please contact Courtney Burgess-Michak, MS., LPC at 570-674-6318 or

Women's Relationship Violence Group

This group is for any student who has ever been, or is currently in a relationship, in which they experience abuse- verbal, physical, etc. and who want to figure out how to manage their experience and their emotions in a supportive environment with others who have experienced similar relationships.  Please contact Dr. Cindy at (570)674-6366 or if you are interested or if you have any questions.

Eating Attitudes and Screening Day
Wednesday, February 12, 2014
CAPS Center - 1:00 pm - 3:00 pm
Anderson Center 4:00 - 5:30 pm