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Crisis Management Programs

Image of MU-Alert
Image of MU-Alert

Crises Management Plan

Standard procedure for the release of information during and following the occurrence of bomb threats, fires, accidents and other crisis events on campus is as follows:

  • The policy of Misericordia University will be to release accurate, consistent information to members of interested or affected public groups and to representatives of recognized news gathering organizations, when such releases will not endanger or impair the welfare of individuals or the conducting of official investigation or inquiry in connection with the incident or occurrence.
  • When management or investigation of crisis events involves officials or other authorities, agencies or organizations, all information released will be coordinated with appropriate individuals of those organizations.
  • In all situations, the only campus spokesperson who provides information for the media and other off-campus publications will be the President or the Director of Public Relations or their designee(s) as determined on a case-by-case basis. Persons not designated should direct all queries to the appropriate spokesperson.