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President's Donor Report

Michael A. MacDowell, President of Misericordia University
Michael A. MacDowell


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Misericordia University PDR 2010-11 


From the President and Board of Trustees of the University

Once again, our hearts are joyful as we report good news from Misericordia University. As Shakespeare reminds us, “joy’s soul lies in the doing,” and our donors’ generosity this year has provided us great pleasure and countless rewards. One of the most satisfying aspects of our efforts is that you have worked beside us, sharing our aspirations and supporting our vision with your generous gifts, which are acknowledged in this report. We thank you most sincerely.

Michael MacDowell President, Misericordia University
Paul “Chip” Siegel Chair, Board of Trustees
Susan M. Helwig Vice President, University Advancement


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