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Electronic Reserves Policy

General Information

* Electronic reserves will be regarded with a respect for fair use by complying with current laws governing copyright.
* All materials placed on reserve are limited to students and instructors in an assigned class and are for educational use only.
* Electronic Reserves may only include materials lawfully owned by the instructor, library, or Misericordia University.  Items acquired through interlibrary loan will not be placed on electronic reserves.
* Limited amounts of copyrighted material may be used for reserve materials per course, and must be considered a small proportion of the total assigned reading, and will not take the place of a textbook.
* Materials placed on reserve for one semester/instructor/course will be considered "Fair Use."
* Photocopies should be from the original document, not from a photocopy. They should be as clear and clean as possible with no holes, staples, dark lines, or graphics; single-sided, 8 ½ x 11 pages; minimum of ¼ margins on all sides.
* Materials placed on reserve for any subsequent semester for the same course/instructor will require copyright permission. If requested, the Library will assist in obtaining any necessary copyright permission. Costs will be transferred to the department once the library receives approval from the department for the charge. If permission is unavailable, materials will be removed. If permissible, materials will be retained in a separate database for further usage.
* Materials will be removed from Blackboard the Monday after the last scheduled class.
* Exams, class notes, one chart, one graph and one image or a poem from a collection may be placed on electronic reserves.
* Journal article submissions must not exceed one article from any single issue of a journal.
* No books may be placed on electronic reserves.
* Not more than one chapter of a book may be placed on electronic reserves.
* Links to full text articles from Library-owned databases are allowed.
* All materials placed on electronic reserve must have a full bibliographic citation clearly written or typed on the first page. A copy of the copyright statement must be included with the material.
* Proper permission must be obtained for all student work. An attached signed and dated note is sufficient.

Electronic Reserves Form

Please note: The electronic copying and scanning of copyright protected works for library reserve service and distance learning are unsettled areas of the law which may be addressed by courts and/or legislation. The Misericordia University Library will continue to monitor legal developments that may affect the fair use analysis of Electronic Reserves to ensure that we are in compliance with the U.S. Copyright law.

For assistance with electronic reserves, please call Jacob Garner, Electronic Reserves Specialist, at 674-6296, or email to

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