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Reference Hours:
Monday-Thursday   8:00am-11pm
Friday   8:00am-5pm
Saturday   10am-7pm
Sunday   11am-11pm

Contact Information:


Telephone: 570-674-6352 

Text : 570-213-9577                                                                                                  

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Reference Desk:

The Reference Desk is located on the second floor of the library.

Reference service is provided in person at the reference desk, by phone, through email, chat and texting. 

At the Reference Desk, students may seek help with class assignments or research  paper or project.

We also provide one-on-one instruction on how to use our many library resources in both electronic and print formats.

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Research Tools:

Library Online Catalogs:
To access the Bevevino Online Library Catalog and other catalogs such as WorldCat, go to the library web page at Click on Library Catalogs.

Journal Finder:
Use Journal Finder to check if a journal, magazine or newspaper you are seeking is available online or on the shelves in the library.  To access Journal Finder, go to our library web page, click on  "Journal Finder" tab from the search box or click on the "Journal Finder" link listed under the 'Search' category.

To access the library's many databases, go to the library's web page.  Click on 'Databases A-Z' or 'Databases by subject' link under the search box.  You may also access these links by placing your cursor over the 'Databases' link listed under search category. 

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Library Instruction:

The information environment has become exceedingly complex as information-seekers navigate through a maze of online resources such as web sites and the library's databases. It is the library's responsibility to serve as a bridge between the information source and the information seeker.

With this in mind, Library Instruction is available upon request. These library instruction sessions are designed to meet the specific needs of faculty and their students. For example, we have conducted library sessions to help students with a specific assignment, or to introduce students to basic search techniques.

Faculty are encouraged to schedule a library instruction session by contacting the Reference Desk at 674-6352 or email We suggest that at least a week's notice is given when scheduling a class so we can better prepare for the session.  Click here to submit an online Library Instruction Request Form

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Library Liaisons:

The Reference Department seeks to work collaboratively with faculty in all areas that would ensure academic success for our students.

The Library liaisons collaborate with faculty in each subject area and academic department, particularly in collection development and information literacy instruction.

The following are the library liaisons for the various academic departments:

Lisa Galico
Accounting, Business, Economics, Education, Philosophy, Psychology, Social Work, & CACE
Tel: 570-674-6353

Elizabeth Berilla
Health Sciences, PA Studies
Tel: 570-674-3032

Hilary Westgate
Communications, English, Religious Studies, and Fine Arts
Tel: 570-674-6392

Sameera Redkar
Biology,  Biochemistry, Chemistry, Mathematics, & Physics.
Tel. 570-674-8103

Jessica Reeder
Tel.: 570-674-6420

We encourage faculty to contact the above individuals for any questions, or concerns, pertaining to library services, resources, and collection development or information literacy instruction.

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Reference Staff:

Lisa Galico
Head of Reference and Outreach

Elizabeth Berilla
Information Literacy and Assessment Librarian
Tel: 674-3032

Hilary Westgate
Information Literacy Librarian
Tel: 674-6392

Peggy Leonhart
Reference Specialist
Tel: 674-3038


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