Hafey-McCormick Science Building

The Science Building has a number of features that benefit students in majors such as Chemistry, Biology and Biochemistry, as well as support for our health science majors. The lower level of the building has a gross anatomy facility. This is a state-of-the-art human cadaver lab which is used to teach gross anatomy to our students preparing for various careers in the healthcare field. Though rare at other institutions, MU offers this type of facility for use during undergraduate study.

Hafey-McCormick Science Building
The main level of the facility contains a computer lab specifically geared toward the sciences. This lab allows access to chemical, biochemical, molecular biology and genetics databases. There are several mobile computers that can be interfaced with biology and chemistry lab instrumentation.

Anatomy lab
This main floor houses the two main science labs which contain all equipment, instrumentation and specimens to teach anatomy & physiology, general biology, botany, and zoology. The labs contain high quality Nikon teaching microscopes, with one for each student.

Professor and student performing research
A student/faculty research lab on the main level has modern instrumentation for molecular genetics research, including cell disruption, cell fractionation, protein purification, protein electrophoresis, DNA isolation, cloning, DNA sequencing, Polymerase chain reaction (PCR), and cell growth. The multimedia tiered lecture hall, which seats 80 students and is the largest lecture hall on campus, is also on this floor.

Student conducts experiment
The third floor of the Science Building is primarily devoted to chemistry. It includes our instrumentation laboratory, which is used extensively for instrumental support of both upper level faculty and student research as well as student laboratory courses.