A set of 18 townhouses are located right on campus. The complex was constructed to provide an apartment like living experience. Each townhouse has three bedrooms, two bathrooms, a common living room and full kitchen. You can usually find fourth- and fifth-year students living here.

On campus townhouses
All townhouses are fully furnished and have more than enough closet space. They are a popular choice for on campus housing among upper class students. They are nestled among the famous Misericordia pine trees and offer true “residential” living.

Townhouses have scenic surroundings
Each townhouse has a small patio area out back, and shady pine trees surround the complex. The complex is located on the University's south side, just a few hundred yards from the center of campus.

Townhouse apartment-style living
Groups of five or six students reside in each townhouse. Located in the center of the townhouse complex is a common lounge and laundry room.

Townhouse residents grilling food outside
Townhouses are two stories and have lots of living space to study, eat or just hang out. When the weather is nice, many students fire up the grill for some home-cooked, outdoor barbeques.

Townhouse residents during a cookout
The townhouses provide a sense of community for the upperclassmen and a real progression for students as they advance from traditional rooms, to suites, to townhouse living.