Rasmussen House

Rasmussen House, a former broom factory located on Lake Street, was long ago converted to a residence, and for the past ten years has housed six apartments for families participating in the Women with Children Program.

Exterior Shot of Rasmussen House
The Rasmussen House is home to the families involved with the Women with Children Program.

A mother plays with her children
The Women with Children Program at Misericordia University was established in 2000 to provide support to women and their children by helping them realize their full potential through higher education.

Mom and daughter in the Rasmussen House kitchen
The program has grown steadily from a pilot project to a successful education model. Due to limited facilities and funding, enrollment is capped at six adults, falling well short of the demand. Funding is primarily derived through grants from private foundations, corporations, other agencies and contributions from civic groups and individuals.