Passan Hall

Misericordia purchased the former Frontier (Commonwealth Telephone Company) building on Lake Street and converted it into a modern health care teaching environment. The 37,000-square foot building is the home of Misericordia’s growing College of Health Sciences. The building houses the departments of Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Speech-Language Pathology, and Nursing.

John J. Passan Hall
This health science facility provides students and faculty with a variety of opportunities. First, students interact in a clinical/hospital-like setting, emulating the real world settings in which they will soon be working. Secondly, the facility greatly expands Misericordia’s community service thrust by hosting special events for the community.

John J. Passan Hall SimMan
A patient simulator used for authentic hands-on learning.

John J. Passan Hall Practical Lab
A dual classroom and lab used by health science majors.

John J. Passan Hall SLP Sensory-Motor Gym
This room is equipped with all necessary materials for speech-language pathology students to practice what they've learned.

John J. Passan Hall Nursing Lab
Set-up like an actual hospital, this lab provides our Nursing students with the true-to-life simulations needed to become an effective nurse.