MacDowell Hall

Michael and Tina MacDowell Hall is the newest dormitory hall on campus. MacDowell Hall is a 37,000-square foot, three-story structure near the North Gate of campus and across the parking lot from the Anderson Sports and Health Center. Michael and Tina MacDowell Hall offers 118 beds for student housing and three academic classrooms. It also provides suite-style residence space with kitchens, living rooms, bathrooms, and appliances.

Michael and Tina MacDowell Hall
Each floor contains laundry facilities and architecturally significant study lounges at the east end. The glass enclosures, otherwise known as "lanterns," face McHale Hall and illuminate the sprawling green space of the upper campus at night.

Suite Common Room
The five person rooms in MacDowell Hall will feature a common room, similar to Gildea Hall, in which students can relax, and enjoy their free time.

MacDowell Lounge
Each floor of MacDowell Hall is equipped with a study lounge in which students can engage in small groups to relax or study together.

MacDowell Hall Classrooms
The three modern classrooms in MacDowell Hall offer a comfortable learning environment with special modular seating that can be arranged to accommodate various class sizes and arrangements. One classroom also features special kitchen and craft space for teacher education classes.

MacDowell Dorm Room