Misericordia University is committed to providing a work and educational environment that is free from violence. Threats or acts of violence towards persons or property will not be tolerated. Any person(s) engaging in "campus community violence" will be subject to discipline, up to and including termination, arrest, suspension, expulsion and other civil or criminal liabilities. Threats or acts of violence severely affect the open dialog and free exchange of ideas inherent to higher education along with the well being or safety of university community members. Therefore, the university has established a policy of zero tolerance for violence against members of its community.

This Policy applies to all employees, students, clinical and practicum supervisors, contracted services employees, and the visitors of the university. It covers conduct occurring both on campus and at off-campus related events.

Campus Community Violence Description

For purposes of this policy, "campus community violence" includes, but is not limited to the following:

  • All threats or acts of violence occurring on university property, regardless of the relationship between the university and the individual involved in the incident.
  • All threats or acts of violence not occurring on university property, but involving someone who is acting in the capacity of a representative of the university.
  • All threats or acts of violence not occurring on university property, but involving an employee or student of the university if the threats or acts of violence affect legitimate interests of the university.
  • Any threats or acts of violence resulting in the conviction of an employee or student of the university, or of an individual performing services on the university's behalf on a contract or temporary basis, under any criminal code provision relating to threats or acts of violence that adversely affect the legitimate interests of the university.

Examples of Prohibited Conduct

Specific examples of conduct that may be considered "threats or acts of violence" prohibited under this policy include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Physically harming or threatening to harm an individual, group of individuals, or relatives of those individuals.
  • The possession on university property including the parking lots and in personal vehicles or at university sponsored activities of a weapon or any kind or incendiary device, or the brandishing of any object that could reasonably be perceived as a weapon.
  • Loud, angry, or disruptive behavior that is not appropriate to the University environment.
  • Callous or intentional disregard for the physical safety or well being of others.
  • Intentional destruction of university or employee or student property.
  • Commission of a felony or misdemeanor on or off university property.
  • Any other conduct that a reasonable person would perceive as constituting a threat of violence.
  • Off-site threats, which include but are not limited to via telephone, fax, electronic, or conventional mail, or any other form of communication.
  • Disorderly conduct and other violent and inappropriate aggressive behavior.


All complaints of campus community violence are treated seriously. Anyone may seek advice, information or counseling on matters related to workplace violence without having to lodge a complaint. Persons who feel they are being threatened, or are uncertain as to whether what they are experiencing are acts of violence are encouraged to talk with a member of the university community with whom they feel comfortable. Staff of the university Counseling Office, the Department of Human Resources or the Campus Safety Department are among those who can offer such assistance.

Anyone who is subject to, witnesses, or has knowledge of acts of violence or threats of imminent violence which require immediate response, should immediately contact Campus Safety Department. Anyone who is subject to, witnesses, or has knowledge of violent behavior of any of the types listed above or has reason to believe that violent behavior may occur at or in connection with activities of Misericordia University, is required to report it immediately to his/her supervisor, Campus Safety Department or the Human Resources Department. Dissemination of information relating to the issue should be on a need to know basis, in order that the right to confidentiality of all individuals involved is safeguarded as fully as possible. Employees should feel free to raise concerns and make reports without fear of reprisal.

If the source of such inappropriate behavior is a member of the public, the response may also include prohibiting the person(s) from university owned or leased premises, termination of business relationship with that individual, and/or prosecution of the person(s) involved. In addition, each employee or student who receives a protective or restraining order which lists university owned or leased premises as a protected area is required to provide Campus Safety Department and the Human Resources department with a copy of such order.

This Policy should not preclude the governance of the university from investigating alleged threats or acts of violence absent a complaint, and disciplining employees and students should such abuses be proved to be factual.

This policy will be exercised in conjunction with the terms of other applicable policies and procedures detailed in the faculty, staff, and/or student handbooks.

Revised 03-10

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