In the course of your employment, employees will have access to highly confidential and in many cases privileged information. As such, they must covenant and agree to maintain in confidence information derived from employment with the University. Employees must agree, during or after the term of their employment with the University, to:

  1. Keep confidential and proprietary all information and not reveal or disclose it to any unauthorized person(s) within or outside of the University, firm, corporation, association, or other entity for any reason or purpose whatsoever, except with University's prior consent,or

  2. Not make use of such confidential or proprietary information for personal advantage or to benefit anyone other than the University; and

  3. Deliver prompty to the University, upon termination of employment and at anytime the University request, all memoranda, notes, and other documents (and all copies thereof) constituting or relating to suxh confidential and proprietary information.

Confidential information is defined to mean all information received in the course of employment by the University and should not be available to the general public, including but not limited to, financial information, student records, technical information, information relating to the contents of contracts, personnel information, or any other proprietary or valuable information of the University

Employees shall take all appropriate actions, whether by instruction, agreement or otherwise, to insure the protection, confidentiality and security of confidential information. Violations of this policy may result in disiplinary actions set forth in The Disciplinary Actions policy.

Revised 10-11-02
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