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A Journal of Research
Published by the Misericordia University Honors Program

Volume XIV 1998-1999 Volume XV 1999-2000
Volume XVI 2000-2001 Volume XVII 2001-2002
Volume XVIII 2002-2003 Volume XIX 2003-2004
Volume XX 2004-2005 Volume XXI 2005-2006
Volume XXII 2006-2007 Volume XXIII 2007-2008
Volume XXIV 2008-2009  

Beginning in 1999 the Misericordia University Honors Program Journal, Honorus, began appearing in virtual format. Changes to the program dictated new approaches to presenting the work of honors students. The availability of an electronic option provided the opportunity to greatly expand the audience of the journal, while still providing our students with a publication forum.

Honorus has been published by Misericordia University since 1986. The first issue included articles by two students in addition to eight articles by faculty - form Misericordia and other regional institutions. The 1987 was the first to present only student work, and the journal has continued that format ever since. Over the years, some students have gone on to publish new versions of their Honorus articles in journals for their respective disciplines.

Recent additions to out site are a journal index and a subject index of Honorus from 1986 to the present. While Volume I through XIII of the journal will not be on-line, copies of articles will be available through Interlibrary Loan from the Mary Kintz Bevevino Library. For further information feel free to contact the Director.

Dr. Scott Blanchard, Director of Honors