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Health & Wellness Center

 The Health & Wellness Center is under the direction of a Board Certified Family Nurse Practitioner.  Our staff is dedicated to the health and wellness needs of our students with our goal being to provide the best possible evidence-based health care in a manner which is competent, compassionate, confidential and timely, all within an atmosphere of mutual respect and responsibility without regard to race, gender, ethnic heritage, or sexual orientation. 

The Health & Wellness Center provides students with a nursing assessment and treatment for common illnesses on a walk-in basis as well as advanced assessment by the Nurse Practitioner by appointment only.  If necessary, particularly after hours and on weekends, students are advised to seek treatment at one of the area hospitals (Geisinger Hospital or Wilkes Barre General Hospital) or at one of the local MedExpress Urgent Care Centers.

Faculty members, staff and visitors are advised to seek care from their primary care providers (PCP).