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Online Learning

Online Learning for Expressway Students

Online learning allows busy students who are juggling professional, family, and study schedules to fully participate in class discussions at a time that is most convenient to them. Students can participate in classes from anywhere in the world provided they have a computer and Internet connection.

Two forms of online learning are available: Web-Enhanced courses and Online courses.

Web-Enhanced Courses offer a “brick and click” approach to attending college. These courses will combine face-to-face and virtual participation for the students. Two or three of the class meetings will be held “on-ground” while the rest will take place in "cyberspace”. The advantage to this approach is that it allows adults to become acquainted with online learning before committing to an online course.

Online Courses offer a virtual approach. Students can attend classes at anytime from anywhere, initially scheduled in 7 week formats. Students take control of their own learning experience. It also allows students more time to respond with much more depth and forethought than in a traditional face-to-face discussion where participants must analyze comments of others on the spot and formulate a response, or otherwise lose the chance to contribute to the discussion.

Misericordia believes in the development of the online learning options and has pledged to make it possible to complete an entire degree online for those who have an associate’s degree in a related field.