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What's a Communications Degree For..?

Some of the very famous have Communications degrees! They include politicians, journalists, film stars, political cartoonists, successful media personalities, and sports stars.  And many not-so-famous, but still-well-known in their communities, are Misericordia University Communications grads.  (Take the "MU COM Grads" link to learn about a few.)

The Misericordia Communications degree gives students a wide range of experiences as well as the chance to concentrate in journalism, media production, advertising, or public relations. Our students also earn minors in fields like marketing, English, theatre, and business administration.

A liberal arts education combined with the right undergraduate college courses and experiences is solid preparation to work in dozens of communications and mass communications positions. The Misericordia bonus is the faculty: all were media professionals before they began teaching.

The best way to find out more about the Misericordia Communications Degree is to pay us a visit. To set up a call or visit, email Melissa Sgroi, Department Chair.