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Why Computer Science at MU?

Misericordia University’s Computer Science program is ready for you, so you’ll be ready for your career!

Our Hafey-McCormick Science Hall houses the Computer Science department’s classrooms and computer labs, where your WindowsTM-ready PCs are ready and continually upgraded, so you’ll be working with state-of-the-art technology. You’ll receive a strong foundation in systems, database, and software programs of Computer Science, as well as mathematics and special topics courses. Juniors and seniors will choose from advanced electives, so you can customize your education for the career you want. Misericordia University also offers a Computer Science/Mathematics major that combines both programs for a balanced education. It requires five additional courses in mathematics.

Businesses, schools, homes, government—virtually every facet of society is being changed by technology. Technology itself continues to evolve at faster and faster rates. With a degree in Computer Science, you’ll continue to be on the cutting-edge of a wired (or wireless) world, putting to work the in-depth knowledge and experience gained through Misericordia University academics and service.

By studying Computer Science at Misericordia University, you’ll be prepared not only for a variety of careers, but also for graduate school. Our combination of high-quality courses in Computer Science, critical thinking and writing skills (gained through the liberal arts core), and a caring, accessible faculty will help you make the most of your education, and ensure that you’re ready if you decide to pursue graduate studies.

If you’re ready for a challenge, you can also apply to Misericordia University’s Honors Program. A unique community of students and faculty, the Program is designed to spur independent, interdisciplinary learning through coursework, field trips, conferences, and social functions. If the demands of college—personal as well as academic—sound a bit scary, our Student Success Center offers professional counselors to work with you and a variety of support services for all students. You’ll also have the opportunity to help others through peer support and tutoring programs.