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Mission Statement

The Misericordia University Counseling and Psychological Services Center (CAPS Center) exists to assist university students address personal and developmental issues which hinder their ability to achieve their educational and career goals.  Students are assisted specifically through individual therapy, group therapy, consultation services, referral services, psycho-educational programs, and crisis intervention.  The CAPS Center staff recognizes and exercises the values and attitudes of mercy, service, justice, and hospitality put forth by the founding Sisters of Mercy and works with students from a holistic perspective - attending to mind, body, and spirit.  Students' growth and development is facilitated through respect and non-judgment in light of the professional standards and ethical guidelines of state and national counseling and psychology licensure and accreditation boards. 
  1. Provide high quality counseling services to assist students address developmental and psychological issues which hinder their ability to achieve their personal, educational and career goals. 
  2. Create and maintain collaborative relationships with departments within the Student Affairs division and be a supportive resource for academic and other university personnel regarding students' psychological health.
  3. Offer a peaceful and aesthetically appealing environment that supports the delivery of services to students in a comfortable and confidential manner.
  4. Utilize ongoing assessment and existing data to develop or modify services.